The world of the future must run on renewables, not fossil based materials. The forest industry is entering a new era and we at Metsä Group are leading the way in the bioeconomy. The Intelligent Metsä campaings shed light on the most topical subjects across our value chain.

Digitalisation transforms the forest industry and brings new, even more intelligent forest management solutions. The possibilities of pulp are endless – it’s a raw material of the future that will help us replace fossil raw materials. Every tree used in construction stores carbon and makes way for a new seedling – a new carbon sink. Sustainable packaging calls for utilising nature’s own material which is renewable and biodegradable. There's an age-old connection between the well-being of humans and the environment - take care of the forest and the forest will take care of us.

These are the core messages of our Intelligent Metsä campaigns, which are built around online articles based on interviews with industry experts.

Read on and learn how the future is made by Metsä Group.