Driving innovation and sustainability through wood-based biochemicals

We produce sustainable wood-based biochemicals for a range of applications and industries. Nothing is wasted at Metsä Fibre; we use every part of the tree as efficiently as possible.  Wood biomass contains rich source of organic compounds that can be extracted from wood fibres by processing with solvents or by using certain extraction methods. The material side streams from the main production of pulp offer a wide range of possibilities for the development and conversion of innovative bioproducts. Through our pulp production, we produce bioproducts such as Metsä Crude Tall Oil (CTO) and Metsä Crude Sulphate Turpentine (CST) at every Metsä pulp and bioproduct mills in Finland and Sweden.

Replacing fossil-based raw materials with biomass products

The biochemicals extracted from high-quality Nordic wood are important natural raw materials that replace fossil-based products in many industrial processes. Tall oil and turpentine can perform many of the applications of fossil fuel.  As a matter of fact, some qualitative properties of our biochemicals achieve more in some specific end use purposes than what fossil-based products can. These organic compounds extracted from wood can be refined and distilled into a variety of products to obtain numerous fractions for various purposes, from industrial-grade performance chemicals to detergents and even food.

Sustainability and quality assurance through biochemicals

Metsä-branded wood-based biochemicals meet quality as well as sustainability requirements very well, especially in comparisons of different bio-based raw materials. Using Metsä biochemicals as raw material during chemical processes enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Through sustainable forest management, we ensure that forests are renewed and biodiversity of Nordic forestry is preserved. The wood we use is traceable. With our certified mills for managements systems, we guarantee the safety, quality and sustainability of our biochemical products.