Become an owner-member of Metsä

You can become an owner-member of Metsäliitto Cooperative, Metsä Group’s parent company, if you own at least three hectares of forest land in Finland. Apart from the price paid for participation shares, there is no joining fee nor annual membership fee.

Become an owner-member by completing the electronic membership form using your banking codes or by completing and posting a paper form (forms available only in Finnish and Swedish). Only private forest owners can use the electronic membership form.

If you choose to post your form, return it fully completed and signed to the address indicated at the bottom of the form. You can also scan the form and email it as an appendix to jasenpalvelut[at] If the forest estate is owned by spouses or shareholders of a forest partnership, please complete the list of shareholders as well.

Your owner-membership will begin as soon as you have been added to the cooperative’s list of members. You will receive a confirmation letter from us in approximately two weeks regardless of which method you choose.

Owner-members receive a competitive interest on their share

When becoming an owner-member of Metsä, you invest in participation shares, with a price of EUR 12.50–65.00 per hectare of forest land. We pay annual interest on the participation share, which has been 5.5–7.5 per cent* in the 21st century. In 2022, the interest on owner-members’ capital was 7.0 per cent.

The amount of your investment in participation shares depends on the size and location of your forest. You can use the following calculator to determine the amount. Enter the municipality and area of your forest estate in the calculator, and it will determine the share payment zone and, based on it, the value of the investment.

You can pay your participation share either in full when you become an owner-member, or in instalments in connection with wood sales, for example. If you choose to pay in instalments, the term of payment is five years from the beginning of your membership. Interest will start to accumulate as soon as the first payment has been made. Always use the reference number provided to you in the letter confirming your membership when paying your share. When your membership ends, you will get your investment back with interest.

* The interest is the cooperative’s way of distributing profit to its owner-members. Previous profit distribution is not a guarantee of future returns on a forest owner’s investments.

Share payment zones

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