The future is made of wood

Did you know that wooden structures store carbon dioxide? Watch the video to see how construction can help combat climate change.

Wooden structures are urban carbon storages

Climate change is a global problem, and reducing emissions necessary in all aspects of life. When it comes to living and construction, one solution is superior to others: wood.

Wood is a renewable, recyclable and reusable building material. Above all, however, wood stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are seeking ways to reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but we must also find ways to bind and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Every tree used in construction stores carbon and makes way for a new seedling – a new carbon sink. So let’s build the future out of wood.


Why is using wood a contribution to the environment?

How is sustainable Finnish forest management making forests increasingly effective carbon sinks? How much would the use of fossil based natural resources decrease if we built more from northern wood? Read the articles below for more information about the properties of wood that help us combat climate change.

Katso kuinka paljon puu sitoo hiiltä
Puinen jakkara
Keskiverto 140 m2 puurakenteinen omakotitalo
Keskiverto 1400 m2 puurakenteinen kerrostalo
Keskimääräinen 2000 asukkaan puutalovaltainen kaupunginosa
Puuhun varastoituva CO2
8,64 kg
Vastaava CO2 määrä vapautuu ilmaan
Kaukolento / henkilö
76 km
Henkilöautolla ajo
55 km
140 m2 omakotitalon öljylämmitys
1 vrk
Puinen jakkara varastoi yli 8 kg hiiltä
Pienikin puuesine varastoi hiiltä ilmakehästä. Keittiöjakkaran tekemiseen käytetty puu on kasvaessaan sitonut hiiltä ilmakehästä muutaman kilon. Yksittäisen tuolin vaikutus on pieni, mutta tuolien massatuotannossa varastoidun hiilen määrä kasvaa valtavaksi.