Packaging made with nature

Discover the video and be surprised how much packaging solutions are actually inspired by nature itself.

Protecting products as nature intended

Sustainable packaging calls for utilising nature’s own material which is renewable and biodegradable. 

In addition, unlike some other packaging materials, paperboard is effectively recycled. This means it globally protects billions of products and goods every day just as nature intended. 

Excellence also stands for innovation; new paperboard products are in the pipeline to offer more sustainable choices.

Nothing goes to waste in paperboard production

Resource-efficiency means that we are using the different parts of a tree where they create the most value. Timber logs contribute to creating long term carbon storages like buildings and furniture. Pulpwood, in turn, provides us with the finest fibre, which is processed into products, e.g. paperboard, that offer alternatives to fossil based materials – the side streams enable other bioproducts and provide power to the process as well as to surrounding communities.

Paperboard excellence

One single tree from forest thinning turns to roughly 1000 paperboard packages.

While larger timber logs are used as valuable carbon storages in buildings or furniture, a pulpwood, that is smaller in size, is processed into paperboard and it can make a big difference.

Paperboard excellence

173 kg is the amount of packaging material that an average European uses annually.*

Demand for sustainable packaging is continuously increasing and driven by megatrends such as growing population, urbanization and increase in standards of living. A tremendous impact can be achieved when millions of people can make better choices on a daily basis.

*European Environment Agency 2017

Excellence centre

Open a door for collaboration, innovation and more sustainable future

Paperboard enables innovation for all. In Metsä Board Excellence Centre the development of new solutions is boosted.

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