Renewable carbon makes a difference

To keep the goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C within reach, the humanity needs to cut global fossil greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of this decade. At Metsä Group we are committed to contribute in creating a fossil free future. Aiming at fossil free mills is in the core of Metsä Group´s strategy. Our ambitious aim is to use only biobased raw materials and renewable energy in our production by 2030.


Currently 88% of the energy (scope 1&2) and over 99.3% of all the raw materials used in our production are fossil-free.

Value networks with various climate benefits

Our main raw material is renewable wood sourced from sustainable managed northern forests. We pay attention to that always more wood grows than is harvested. 

Metsä Group’s parent company is Metsäliitto cooperative which is owned by over 90 000 Finnish forest owners. Our member owners own about half of the privately owned forests in Finland.

During their growth trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When refining wood raw material into products renewable carbon is put into use. Recycling and reuse of products further extend the carbon benefits. In many applications renewable carbon can replace fossil carbon.

Wood products used in construction store renewable carbon over long period of time. For example an average 1400 m2 wooden apartment building stores 340000 kg of carbon dioxide. The same amount of CO2 is released when driving a passenger car 2.16 million kilometers.

High industrial efficiency

Material and energy efficiency are high on our agenda. We are committed to constant improvement and development of new innovations. For example we have a unique bioproduct mill concept based on industrial symbiosis. Äänekoski bioproduct mill started its operation in 2017 and Kemi bioproduct mill in autumn 2023.

Towards capturing industrial bio-CO2

Carbon dioxide can be utilized as raw material in various products such as liquid fuels, various chemicals and plastic. Metsä Group is exploring possibilities to construct a carbon capture facility at one of its pulp or bioproduct mills. Wood-based carbon dioxide can be used to replace fossil carbon sources, and it is an important component in the hydrogen economy’s products like methane and methanol.

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