Metsä Group launches significant investment plans for its tissue paper mill in Mänttä, Finland

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Metsä Group announces its plans for a significant investment program in its tissue paper business in the Mänttä mill to develop the sustainability of the operations and to modernize and extend the lifecycle of the mill. The investment plans are part of its tissue paper business’ Future mill strategy program aiming at world-class efficiency and environmental performance in tissue production. The planned program  amounts to approximately EUR 100 million euros and the related investments are to be carried out over the period of next five years. 

The company aims to develop the mill’s production and environmental efficiency by investing in paper machine and converting line modernizations as well as improving the energy and water efficiency. Their aim is long term continuation of the efficient local manufacturing operations in Mänttä and they support the company’s target of all products and manufacturing sites to be fully fossil free by 2030. The investments will be communicated when the planning proceeds.

“The investment program strengthens Finland’s self-sufficiency in essential, locally produced hygiene products and enables modernizing our operations in Mänttä. The plans will strengthen our focus on high quality fresh fibre based hygiene products that originate from the sustainably managed Northern forests. Our Katrin, Lambi, and Serla products will deliver the benefits of the investments to the Finnish consumers”, says Joonas Kukkonen, Vice President, Supply Chain, Metsä Tissue Finland and Baltics. 

As part of the planned program, the company will first initiate an investment in a new hand towel line, which will produce fresh fibre based hand paper towels especially for the Finnish market. Preparations for the new  line are being started and the line is planned to be operational during 2025.

“Locally manufactured tissue products mean local jobs and build resilience in the society. The planned investment program in Mänttä mill  is a logical continuation to our on-going Future Mill investment in Mariestad, Sweden and our planned tissue paper mill investment in the UK, as well as several other investments in our international mill fleet. Now we will also modernize our operations in Finland”, says Joonas Kukkonen 

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Joonas Kukkonen, VP Supply Chain, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 772 9942, 
Joanna Linnermo, Communications Director, Metsä Tissue, tel. +358 40 5555868, joanna.linnermo(at)

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Metsä Group’s Tissue and Greaseproof Papers business, or Metsä Tissue, produces hygiene products for households and professionals, and greaseproof papers for food preparation and packaging. Our high-quality locally produced brands – Lambi, Serla, Mola, Tento, Katrin and SAGA – make daily life cleaner. We promote a diverse, equal, and inclusive culture. Our 2023 sales were EUR 1.3 billion, and we have approximately 2,500 employees. Metsä Group’s parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is owned by around 90,000 Finnish forest owners.

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