Respect is a matter of attitude

Each one of us has the responsibility to make our workplace inclusive and to build a culture that values people’s diverse views, backgrounds, characteristics and knowledge. Metsä Group regards it essential to provide equal opportunities to all. Recruitment, promotion and all other work-related practices are applied fairly to all individuals based on job requirements and the individual’s competence and merits.

We treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect and do not accept discrimination. We expect the same from our business partners. No one shall be discriminated based on gender (including pregnancy), age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activity, family relationships, state of health, disability, sexual orientation, other personal characteristics or any other reason such as a part-time or fixed term contract status.


Keep these principles in mind

  • Remember that diversity is a strength for us.
  • Do not discriminare or deny equal opportunities.
  • Take the responsibility to build a culture of openness and trust, where people's diverse views and backgrounds are respected and utilised.


Rule to remember

We value mutual respect.