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    We want to grow with our partners

    We want to grow with our partners

    Metsä Forest has a total of 3,500–4,000 people working in forests and wood transportation during the busiest winter harvesting times. Our subcontractors
    and their employees make up 97 per cent of these people. These partners are responsible for the quality of the job visible to forest owners and for the correctly cut, high-quality raw material delivered to industrial customers.

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    Updating growing stock information with phone

    Metsä Group’s owner-members can update their growing stock information by taking photos with their mobile phones

    ​An application has now been introduced that Metsä Group’s owner-members can use to update their forest plot information by taking photos with their smartphones or tablets. “Trestima is part of a strong selection of services that we are building for our members. It’s a good addition to the electronic wood trade and forestry services that we introduced in June,” says Juha Jumppanen, SVP for Member Services at Metsä Group. 

  • Electronic forest services
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    Innovative forest services

    Leader in electronic forest services

    Electronic services for forest owners

    In June 2015, Metsä Group completed perhaps the first electronic wood purchase in the world. We offer effortless electronic services for the owner-members of our parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative.

    “Metsä Group continues to be a leader in the development of electronic forest services. We provide our owner-members with the best tools for increasing their forest assets. We also make using services related to forest ownership as easy as possible,” says Juha Jumppanen, SVP, Member Services.

    Metsä Group is using new tools to modernise its existing services for forest owners. Owner-members have participated in this development work in the planning and testing phases.

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  • Mariestad biopower plant
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    A major investment in bioenergy in Mariestad

    A major investment in bioenergy in Mariestad

    Mariestad biopower plant

    ​Building a new biopower plant in Metsä Tissue's Katrinefors mill area in Sweden has changed the energy usage not only of the mill, but of the entire town of Mariestad.

  • Lambi 50 years!
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    Lambi 50 years

    Congratulations to Lambi on 50 years of success

    Lambi 50 years!

    ​Lambi stands for softness, and regardless of which shape it comes in, softness has been a vital part of Lambi’s DNA already for 50 years. That’s why we keep experimenting with fibres, layers and new materials that constantly take our products to new levels of softness and smoothness. Softness is what inspires us – it’s what’s sets us apart from other brands.

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    Energy efficient Metsä Tissue

    Metsä Tissue has increased its energy efficiency

    Cooperation and learning from each other have played a key role in achieving excellent results in the energy efficiency improvement programme at Metsä Tissue. The energy team found and has made over 500 improvements in the daily work at the mills since 2006, almost equivalent in importance the benefits gained through technological investments, for example in heat recovery.

    From the 2006 level, Metsä Tissue has improved its energy efficiency by over 10% to date. In 2014, the company was nominated to the final of the International Energy Efficiency Awards arranged by DENA, the German Energy Agency.