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Metsä Group uses renewable northern wood responsibly and efficiently through entire value chain. Our business areas create a strong value chain where we use wood as efficiently as possible. This includes making use of by-products in production units and energy production.

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Metsä Group publications

​​Metsä Group publishes its printed Financial Statements report in Finnish and English. The Annual Brochure in 2018 is published in English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Polish, Slovak and Swedish as well as in Russian and Chinese. Metsä Group's annual Sustainability Report is published in English. Metsä Board publishes its annual report in Finnish and English. Metsä Fibre publishes its annual review in Finnish and English.

Metsä Board publishes Metsä Board Magazine for its customers. Metsä Fibre publishes Fibre for its customers.

In Finnish we also publish Metsä Groupin Viesti, our magazine for our owner-members that has a long tradition.

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Metsä Group Sustainability report

Sustainability report 2020

Metsä Board Annual report 2018

Metsä board annual reports

Metsä Fibre vuosiraportti  

Metsä Fibre Annual review

Metsä Board Magazine

Metsä Board Magazine

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Metsä brand materials 

Metsä brand materials  

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Images of Metsä Group’s management and production units for media use and the G​roup’s logo in different formats.

Metsä Group’s management

Metsä Group’s production mills

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When using our images, please credit Metsä Group as t​he source. The images can be used free of charge for editorial purposes and to promote Metsä Group and its products. All other unauthorised use is prohibited. 

Contact information for the media

Metsä Group Communications

Tel. +358 10 4601
Email: communications[at]

Juha Laine, Senior Vice President, Communications, Metsä Group
Tel. +358 50 346 0350
Email: juha.laine[at]

Kaisu Vaalto, Metsä Group
Tel. +358 40 777 8922
Email: kaisu.vaalto[at]

Tissue and greaseproof papers, Metsä Tissue

Joanna Linnermo-Kumpuoja 
Tel. +358 40 555 5868
Email: joanna.linnermo-kumpuoja[at]

Board, Metsä Board Corporation

Marjo Halonen 
Tel. +358 50 598 7046
Email: marjo.halonen[at]

Pulp and sawn timber, Metsä Fibre

Tiina Tassi 
Tel. +358 40 833 4811
Email: tiina.tassi[at]

Wood products, Metsä Wood

Henni Rousu 
Tel. +358 40 554 8388
Email: henni.rousu[at]

Wood supply and forest services, Metsä Forest

Krista Kimmo 
Tel. +358 50 526 4911
Email: krista.kimmo[at]