Share of certified wood grows thanks to long-term work

Growth in the share of certified wood

Continuous growth in certification requires strong commitment of the wood supply organisation

In 2016, a record-making share of 86% of the wood supplied by Metsä Group came from forests certified either by PEFC™ or FSC®. Continuous growth in certification requires strong commitment of the wood supply organisation.

It has been Metsä Group’s target since 2011 to maintain the share of certified wood above 80%. Since that, the share of certified wood has continuously raised and in 2016 reached a new record, 86%.
“The continuous raise of the percentage tells about the long-term work we have been doing in advancing forest certification”, says Metsä Group’s environmental director Jussi Ripatti. “What we see in the progress in 2016, is mainly the growth in the share of purchased certified wood in Sweden.”

“Even though the total area of PEFC Forest Management certification in Finland diminished as a result of the changes in Forestry Association legislation, it hasn’t influenced to our PEFC certification share in wood purchase as the active forest owners have stayed within the certificate”, analyses Yrjö Perälä, director of Metsä Group’s wood trade and forest services.

“Our forestry specialists have done a great work in the promotion of forest certification. In 2016 some 1,300 forest owners joined PEFC forest certification via Metsä Group”.
Additionally, Metsä Group’s own certification groups in Finland and Russia continue to grow. The area covered by Metsä Group’s FSC Forest Management certificate in Finland grew by some 5,500 hectares in 2016, now counting up to 150,000 hectares.

Share of certified wood in Metsä Group since 2011

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