We monitor our mills'

environmental performance in real time

Metsä Group has long traditions in continuously improving and carefully monitoring its environmental performance. During 2014, we introduced a comprehensive reporting system covering all of our business areas. Thanks to the data stored in the reporting system we can comprehensively monitor our mills' environmental performance and that our mills comply with the local environmental permits and emission levels defined by the EU.  

The reports from the system clearly show the performance from real-time tracking to long-term development. We invest in best available techniques in our production, which is why we have reduced, for example, the use of process water by 13% per product tonne from the 2010 level. The emissions which cause eutrophication of waterways, at the same time, have decreased by nearly 30% from the 2010 level. 

The data stored in the reporting system is also utilised in product-specific carbon footprint calculations and lifecycle assessments as well as reporting to the authorities and in Metsä Group's sustainability report.  

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