Metsä Group recognized for transparency and high-level performance in the WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index


 Metsä Group has been recognized for its transparency and high-level performance in the international Environmental Paper Company Index, arranged by the WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) since 2010. This year, Metsä Group improved its scoring in all three categories attended: pulp, paperboard and tissue papers. 

Metsä Group's investment in clean manufacturing can be seen as improved scores in the paperboard (Metsä Board) and pulp (Metsä Fibre) categories. The criteria for clean manufacturing includes energy use, energy sourcing, fossil CO2 and other emissions to air and water.

In the tissue papers' category (Metsä Tissue), we improved our performance in the fields of reporting and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) as well as responsible sourcing, in which our scoring improved due to the increasing share of certified fibre. Metsä Group only uses 100% traceable wood in its operations.

"At Metsä Group, we see sustainability as a key factor in everything we do. We are happy to present the good progress in all the evaluated areas of the index. This positive development is also important for our customers and other stakeholders," says Riikka Joukio, SVP, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Metsä Group.

Globally, 31 forest industry companies participated the index. More information about the index available in

Metsä Group is a long-term corporate partner with WWF Finland.

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