Valued Metsä Group – making a positive impact

Some 900 summer jobs and EUR 49 million to shareholders and owner-members. Two examples of the extremes? No but examples on how Metsä Group creates value.


Metsä Group manufactures products from northern wood, and the products are needed in different parts of the world by millions of people. "Through the products and their manufacture, we are creating value both locally, nationally and internationally," says Riikka Joukio, Metsä Group's SVP of Sustainability and corporate affairs.

The point of value creation is to tell about the concrete effects the company has on and in the society and it's also one of the main concepts in corporate responsibility.

An example of the local value creation by Metsä Group is the employment effect both directly and indirectly. Locally the value is concrete at all the mills, and also as every job in forest industry creates three others indirectly.

"In particular, the wood supply creates a strong local value. Last year, Metsä Group paid EUR 410 million to Finnish forest-owners from wood sales and delivered 30 million tree seedlings. Our harvesting and transportation services from Finnish entrepreneurs were worth EUR 300 million."

On the Finnish scale Metsä Group is also an important manufacturer of renewable energy with a share of 16%.

"Metsä Group has production facilities in seven European countries, so production creates value also outside of Finland," says Joukio and adds that "for example, 91% wood and 86% other raw materials are acquired in the production countries – from 20 000 suppliers."

Even though the Group's own sales offices have small number of employees, our products are exported through them. "Our sustainably produced, safe and high-quality products improve the standard of living globally. Also using our products reduces dependence on fossil resources. Wood products, pulp, paperboard, and tissue and cooking papers are worth EUR 5 billion in sales of which more than 4 billion comes from outside of Finland", Joukio lists.

Also paid dividends create international value.

Joukio mentions also the study by The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA). According to the study, Metsä Group is Finland's fourth most important company in terms of value added.

"According to ETLA's calculations, the EUR 1.2 billion investment in the bioproduct mill increases the revenue of companies operating in Finland by around EUR 2.4 billion at the construction stage. The annual employment effects arising from construction are also significant."

Joukio adds that a major part of the machinery and equipment delivered to the mill will be designed and manufactured by companies based in Finland. The effects will spread widely via the suppliers' value chains. "Metsä Group's value is created by the significant role the Group has in the Finnish society as well as positive effects economically, socially and environmentally."

Below is a infograph about value creation in Metsä Group. Value creation is based on the use of resources, expertise and stakeholder cooperation at local, national and international levels. From the box on the upper right corner the infograph opens to a bigger window. The infograph is also in Metsä Group's Sustainably from Metsä brochure, and here's a link to all its language versions​.  

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