Metsä Group's owner-members can update their growing stock information by taking photos with their mobile phones

An application has now been introduced that Metsä Group's owner-members can use to update their forest plot information by taking photos with their smartphones or tablets.

Metsä Group and Trestima have signed an agreement that enables Metsä Group's owner-members – that is, the members of Metsäliitto Cooperative – to update the growing stock information related to their forest plans by using a smartphone app developed by Trestima. This makes it easy for forest owners to keep their forest information up to date.

"The Trestima functionality is as reliable as the traditional way of measuring forests, and the user doesn't need to be a forestry professional. It's important that the photos taken by the forest owner are highly representative of the forest plot," says Olli Kainulainen, Member Services Manager at Metsä Group.

The functionality is integrated into the Metsäverkko mobile app for owner-members. The forest owner walks to the plot that they want to update, selects the plot in their electronic forest plan, launches the Trestima functionality and takes photos. The functionality guides the user to ensure a sufficient number of photos.

The photos are transferred for analysis in a cloud service, and Trestima uses them to calculate the growing stock information.

An online connection is not required to take photos. However, the growing stock information cannot be calculated offline. For the time being, the Trestima functionality is available for Android devices. If it proves to be popular, it will be made available for other operating systems as well.

"Trestima recognises tree species and calculates the heights and diameters of trunks. The information can be used to calculate, for example, how many cubic metres of log wood and pulpwood a hectare contains. Trestima makes it quick and easy to update forest plans. When walking around in their forest estates, our owner-members can update their growing stock information and request a quote to sell wood or buy forest management services right there on the spot," says Kainulainen.

"Trestima is part of a strong selection of services that we are building for our members. It's a good addition to the electronic wood trade and forestry services that we introduced in June," says Juha Jumppanen, SVP for Member Services at Metsä Group.

"We are very happy with our cooperation with Metsä Group. It makes our service available to a larger group of users," says Simo Kivimäki, CEO of Trestima.