Sustainability in cooperation with partners

​Sustainability is a prerequisite for Metsä Group’s operations, and we also expect our partners to operate responsibly. Our operations impact on people and the environment directly through our production and indirectly through our partners. Therefore, it is important how our partners operate.

Ensuring sustainability in logistics requires persistence

An extensive network of service providers takes care of Metsä Group’s logistics. One of the targets we set in 2015 was to ensure that this network operates sustainably. Our goal was to ensure the sustainability of our main logistics flows by the end of 2017. To serve this purpose, we carried out an extensive survey. The suppliers included in this survey represented around 90% of our annual spend in logistics. The content of the survey was based on our Supplier Code of Conduct and other sustainability requirements. The survey was sent to 481 main logistics partners and its themes included safety, risk management, environmental issues, management practices and human rights, among other aspects.

The goal was to gain greater visibility into our logistics partners’ operations while also communicating our sustainability requirements to them. If the survey revealed that a supplier’s operations did not meet our sustainability requirements, we prepared recommendations of corrective actions in cooperation with the supplier and monitored their progress. At the end of 2017, all of the logistics suppliers covered by the survey met our sustainability requirements.

“Based on the survey results, we were able to support our partners in developing their ways of working. In other words, it was not just a survey, but an extensive development project that enabled us to have a positive effect on the operations of our partner network. The two-year project was rewarding and useful in many ways, even though it was not always easy. Through the project, we gained valuable information about our partners’ operations and also about our own strengths and development needs,” says Jari Voutilainen, SVP, Logistics, Metsä Group.

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