Talking about hand hygiene at schools

Sharing hand hygiene awareness at primary schools 

​Good hand hygiene is one the most effective ways to prevent influenza and other infections as 80% of the most common contagious diseases are transmitted through hand contact. Therefore, hand washing and drying are critical factors in preventing infections. Metsä Tissue’s Katrin brand is a market leader in hand hygiene and its team have a reputation for considerable expertise in this important area. Metsä Tissue therefore wanted to make a positive contribution towards helping to reduce influenza infections by increasing the awareness of good hand hygiene within primary schools. Children and young people are an important target group for Metsä Group’s societal support which is why the hand hygiene campaign was directed at primary schools.

“We at Katrin work with hand hygiene issues every day and we have strong expertise in this area. It’s great to be able to contribute to important subjects that can make a real difference and inspire people by sharing our know-how,” states Tiia Tylli-Aliranta, Marketing Manager at Katrin.

Learning by doing

The idea behind Katrin’s campaign is to approach hand hygiene through encouraging positive actions, not warnings. Since November, primary schools in Finland have had the chance to order Katrin’s interactive working kit consisting of different activities and games. The kit guides children to wash their hands in the right way. For example, while playing with the kit, children get the opportunity to investigate the results of their hand washing using the UV light.
“People remember things better when they get to try and experience it themselves. I have presented the kit at a couple of schools and the response has been enthusiastic. Our aim is to show that hand hygiene is a shared responsibility and everyone’s contribution is needed to succeed,” states Tylli-Aliranta.

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