Metsä Group launched a cooperation with´Help Phone for Boys´

​Social responsibility is becoming an even more integral part of Metsä Group’s sustainability work. Last year Metsä Group launched an internal development program for its sustainability work, and social responsibility was emphasised more than before. Metsä Group’s stakeholder cooperation focuses on children and the youth.

´Help Phone for Boys´ service offers support for preventing social exclusion

In early 2018, Metsä Group established a cooperation with the Family Federation of Finland’s ´Help Phone for Boys´ service to prevent the social exclusion of children and young people.

 “The well-being of youth and young adults is an important social issue. At the moment, 21 per cent (over one fifth) of young Finnish men aged 20–24 are neither employed nor in education or training. The ´Help Phone for Boys´ service is a national service that provides support to adolescents in their transition to adulthood. The largest user group consists of boys who live in the provincial regions where most of our production sites are located,” states Riikka Joukio, Metsä Group’s SVP, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs and  Anneli Karhula, SVP, Human Resources.

The ´Help Phone for Boys´ service is available every day, and over 10,000 phone calls are answered each year. Altogether, the helpline service receives more than 30,000 calls per year.

“The adolescents mainly wonder about things related to their daily life and personal life situation, such as dating, identity and the future. Most of the callers are 10 to 16 years old. Also difficult issues are addressed very directly during the calls. We don’t find the callers reserved but rather eager to talk to an adult about all kinds of issues. Our aim is to give the adolescents hope for the future and support them in their choices leading towards a happier life,” sums Miguel Reyes, Manager, ´Help Phone for Boys´.

Financing the Family Federation of Finland’s ´Help Phone for Boys´ service in 2018 is part of Metsä Group’s social responsibility agenda.

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