Lambi 50 years

Congratulations to Lambi on 50 years of success

Lambi stands for softness, and regardless of which shape it comes in, softness has been a vital part of Lambi’s DNA already for 50 years. That’s why we keep experimenting with fibres, layers and new materials that constantly take our products to new levels of softness and smoothness. Softness is what inspires us – it’s what’s sets us apart from other brands.

Lambi is the most popular tissue brand in the Nordics, and our foothold is particularly strong in Norway, where toilet paper and Lambi are almost synonymous.

“Our Lambi soft clubs have nearly 200,000 members who collect points from Lambi packages to earn different loyalty rewards. Over the years, we have distributed over one million lamb soft toys and other gifts to Nordic homes,” says Moona Pohjola, VP Brands and Marketing. “Additionally, we have almost 100,000 likes on Facebook. This is something to be proud of!”

Lambi’s current product range includes paper handkerchiefs as well as toilet and household papers. Lambi has developed several unique marketing concepts that are loved by consumers. In Finland, consumers look forward to the annually renewed Lambi love story tissue papers. In Sweden and Norway, Christmas would be nothing without the Christmas-themed Lambi tissues. In many of these campaigns, Lambi has invited consumers to take part in creating the products.

“Lambi is a great success story, thanks to the passionate people working with it,” says Pohjola.

Originally, Lambi products were sold under the Swedish name Vita Lamm (“White Lamb”). The name changed to Lambi in the 1980s when Metsä Tissue came into the picture and Metsä TIssue wanted to have an international brand name that works well in several languages.