From sustainable forests

Northern wood can be called the best raw material in the world thanks to its quality, diversity and renewability. Our main raw material has other pluses too, such as the fact that in our wood supply area, the growing stock is renewed more quickly than it is harvested. In addition, we always know the origin of the wood we supply.

The wood we procure always comes from certified or controlled forests, which means that we ensure its legality as well as the acceptability and sustainability of the whole supply chain. Of the wood we use, 84 per cent is certified according to the world’s best known forest certification systems: PEFC™ or FSC®. For our field of business, this percentage is excellent, as worldwide only around 10 per cent of forests are certified. Metsä Group’s target is to continue maintaining the percentage of certified wood used in production at over 80 per cent.

The entire supply chain is sustainable

It is important to our customers that the wood we use originates from sustainably managed forests. Our chain of custody management systems enable us to monitor the origin and logistics chain of the wood we purchase throughout the entire value chain. We use chain of custody monitoring to verify the route of raw material deliveries all the way to the final product.

Internal audits at Metsä Group and the chain of custody management system cover the operations of wood suppliers and subcontractors. In the audits, the main focus is on ensuring that the principle of sustainability is implemented in wood supply, for example, in the preservation of environmental values and compliance with the relevant legislation and wood harvesting rights, such as safety at work. 

We also require that our suppliers and contractors comply with sustainability principles as part of their contracts, right from the beginning of the supply chain. These principles also apply to any subcontractors contributing to the delivery. On top of that Metsä Group has a spesific Code of Conduct for suppliers.

The traceability of raw materials is important in proving the sustainability of wood supply, but having these systems in place is also important for reasons of product safety.  For example, the manufacturing processes for paperboard used in food packaging are strictly regulated. We use only pure fresh forest fibre in our paperboard, which is ideal for demanding applications. The other raw materials used also have to pass food safety requirements.  To ensure the safety of food packaging, all our mills producing paperboard, pulp and cooking paper have ISO 22000 certification.

Certification for sustainable forest management

Forest certification is carried out by impartial third parties and it tells both us and our customers that the use of the forest is legal and sustainable. Certification makes it possible to ensure that the characteristic habitats and biotypes of forests are preserved, as well as safeguarding their biodiversity. In addition, certification also protects the rights of people working in forests and ensures that forests can continue to be used for recreational purposes.

We participate in the development of sustainable forestry standards and to offer as wide a range of certified products as possible.

Group certification is one way to promote sustainable forestry together with forest owners, as it is both easier and cheaper than certifying forests individually.  In 2012, Metsä Group was issued FSC group certification that covers all of the forests owned by the Group companies in Finland – around 35,000 hectares in total. These forests had already gained the PEFC group certificate in the year 2000. Contract customers of Metsäliitto Cooperative, the parent company of Metsä Group, can also join the FSC group certificate. Forest owners have previously been offered an opportunity to join the PEFC group certificate. Metsä Group’s group certificates include advice and planning help from our experts as well as the necessary preliminary work and management of certificates.

Metsäliitto Cooperative's FSC-logo lisence code is FSC-C014476.