Energy from side streams - for our own use and for others

​Circular economy is a part of our everyday operations at Metsä Group. Our aim is to utilise our production side streams, such as ash, various sludges and lime, as accurately as possible. Over 90% of Metsä Group’s production side streams are utilised as material or energy.

Metsä Tissue’s mill, a part of Metsä Group, in Mänttä has been using recycled paper in tissue production already for decades. Now the mill has taken a further step forward in circular economy. Purifying recycled paper generates de-inking sludge and thanks to developments at the mill’s de-inking plant, the de-inking sludge can be used as fuel at the mill’s power plant. In addition to producing energy for tissue production, the energy is provided also to the local neighborhood.

“Utilising de-inking sludge in energy production reduces the need for other fuels. The de-inking sludge also binds sulphur compounds effectively and therefore reduces the power plant’s emissions. As the energy source is now generated and used in the same location also transportation reduces and total emissions decrease,” states Sanna Pulkkinen, Development Manager, Metsä Group.

Recycled fibre is used in the production of Metsä Tissue’s Serla products.

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