Electronic forest services

A leader in electronic forest services

In June 2015, Metsä Group completed perhaps the first electronic wood purchase in the world. We offer effortless electronic services for the owner-members of our parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative.

“Metsä Group continues to be a leader in the development of electronic forest services. We provide our owner-members with the best tools for increasing their forest assets. We also make using services related to forest ownership as easy as possible,” says Juha Jumppanen, SVP, Member Services.

Metsä Group is using new tools to modernise its existing services for forest owners. Owner-members have participated in this development work in the planning and testing phases.

“We were the first company to bring forest plans to smartphones and the first company to engage in electronic wood trade and forest service sales. Once the forest plan or forest asset information of an owner-member has been entered into our online service, they can interact with us at whatever time suits them best, from anywhere. They can also make investments in Metsäliitto Cooperative online.”
“Electronic services supplement our traditional services,” stresses Jumppanen. “We offer excellent service, both face-to-face and via electronic service channels.”

According to Jumppanen, Metsä Group’s electronic services have attracted a great deal of interest. “The use of electronic services has increased nearly as rapidly as wood purchases have picked up after the summer.”

Development continues

Forest owners can download the mobile app to their smartphones and tablets from their app store. The app includes information about the forest assets included in Metsä Group’s online service, along with maps and other key information that may be needed in the field. The app also works without a network connection.

“We are continuing to actively develop our online services,” says Jumppanen. “During the autumn, we will introduce an Android app developed by Trestima that enables forest owners to record growing stock information at stand level by photographing trees. The app will make it easy to update stand information in the online service.”

The upgraded Metsäverkko online service was made available to all members of Metsäliitto Cooperative in June. The service is accessed using online banking identifiers.