Begin your career at Metsä

Begin your career at Metsä

Are you interested in career opportunities at Metsä Group? If the answer is “yes”, then you are probably interested in reading first-hand accounts of what it is like to be a summer employee at Metsä!  And summer 2016 is not that far away: applications for summer jobs open in December.

Metsä Group’s summer employees are an important resource during the summer period. A well-organised period of summer work gives young people starting out on their careers concrete examples of the diverse work and career opportunities Metsä Group can offer.  We at Metsä Group believe it is Summer job in mill maintenanceimportant to give summer employees a wide range of tasks where they can comprehensively develop their own professional expertise and experience in different kinds of jobs to help them make future work and study choices.

Miia Heinämäki spent last summer working in electricity and automation maintenance at Metsä Board’s Tako mill in Tampere.

“My tasks included all kinds of factory maintenance work, such as changing light bulbs and pulling cables. Depending on the fault, I had to face very different breakdowns. In addition to traditional electrical work, I got to learn welding, grinding and sand blasting. There are so many different kinds of devices and tasks at the mill that I only got to learn about a fraction of them.

Induction important, learning by doing

Summer job in Kerto millA good summer job starts with the induction. When young people learn correct and safe ways of working, they will have the capability to succeed in their work.  Sakari Aarnio had a summer job at Metsä Wood’s Kerto mill in Lohja, and he confirms that there was no compromise when it came to safety.

“Safety at work plays a vital role in a mill that is full of wood, high temperatures, sharp saw blades, heavy packages and noise. When I signed the contract, we discussed the risks involved in the job and I was given ear defenders, safety shoes, safety goggles and a helmet. During my first days at work, I was given induction training covering the circuit breakers for my workstation, fire extinguishing equipment, the emergency exits and working safely at my workstation,” describes Aarnio.

Summer job in communicationsAlthough the majority of summer jobs offered by Metsä Group are in production, office work is also available in the group’s support functions, for example. Noora Turunen worked over the summer in Metsä Group Communications.

“Induction is necessary, but the best way to learn is practice. Right from the beginning, everything was done to make sure that I could start working independently after the induction training," says Noora Turunen.

Over the 2015 summer period, there were nearly 800 summer employees at Metsä Group. The people quoted in this article participated in the Kesä Metsässä (Summer at Metsä) blog that was written in Finnish by seven of our 2015 summer employees.

Only responsible summer jobs

As an employer, we strive to offer young people real work, as the experiences gained in summer work may affect future career choices.

“We are committed at the group level to the principles of the ‘Responsible Summer Job 2015’ campaign. As part of the campaign, we commit to offering summer employees a good candidate experience and meaningful work, providing adequate induction training and guidance, as well as acting fairly and equitably as an employer. Naturally, we also pay wages commensurate with the job and, at the end of the working relationship, everyone receives a proper written certificate of employment,” says HRD Specialist Responsible Summer Job 2015Hanne Mäkelä from Metsä Group HR.

To read more about the ‘Responsible Summer Job 2015’ campaign, go to (-> in English).