Growing with our partners

We want to grow with our partners

​​​​SVP Production Hannu AlarautalahtiAccording to my calculations, Metsä Forest has a total of 3,500–4,000 people working in forests and wood transportation during the busiest winter harvesting times. Our subcontractors and their employees make up 97 per cent of these people.

These partners are responsible for the quality of the job visible to forest owners and for the correctly cut, high-quality raw material delivered to industrial customers. Forest owners praise the quality of our harvesting work. The accuracy of log and pulpwood cutting and the utilisation rate of logs have improved.

Well-executed logging brings us new wood trade – and vice versa. We don’t look at the size of a company. We have both major regional contractors as well as father-and-son contractors. We value
professional skills, the quality of work and competitive prices. I place great importance on the quality of work, and we do have clear indicators in place for that. While we review fees on a regular basis, we don’t put the contracts out to tender every year. The turnover of our contractors is low, amounting to just a few per cent a year.

Reciprocally, we expect our partners to have the capacity to be flexible according to the harvesting and transportation situation. Naturally, no one wants volumes to take a downward turn.
For me, it goes without saying that we concern ourselves over our partners’ employment. They have families, which means that our decisions have an effect on the daily lives of up to 20,000 people.

We have contractual relations with companies where the first contract was made by the great-grandfather and it is the fourth generation now continuing the cooperation with us. Long-term cooperation means that we can rely on our contractors. They know what Metsä Group’s quality requires. This is why we can transport machines according to need to various parts of Finland and trust that the contractor who did an excellent harvesting job at the coast will also do so in Central Finland.

The Group’s wood consumption will increase thanks to the Äänekoski bioproduct mill. This means that felling and transportation must be carried out more efficiently throughout the year. This is a good thing for all of us. A faster storage cycle translates into fresher raw material of a higher quality for production units and into more working months and less downtime for contractors.

We will increase our wood supply in Finland by a fifth over the next few years. Our subcontractors
demonstrated their flexibility during the good harvesting conditions in early winter. I can rely on our current partners’ ability to manage the growing volumes of harvesting, transportation and silviculture work. We want to grow together with our long-term partners.

Hannu Alarautalahti
SVP, Production
Metsä Forest

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