A perfect match – fresh wood fibre and food

​We don’t play with food. Requirements for materials that are in contact with food are as strict as the requirements for the food itself.

Metsä Group's products made of pure fresh fibre are an excellent choice for food packaging and cooking. In this video, Katja Tuomola, Product Safety Manager at Metsä Board, and Katrin Bunner, VP for Product Development and Marketing at Metsä Tissue, talk about the many advantages of wood fibre: it is pure and safe in contact with food, as well as being recyclable and compostable.

Metsä Board’s paperboards are made of pure fresh fibre that is fully traceable. Fresh fibre paperboard does not contain mineral oil residues or other harmful substances and does not pass on flavours, odours or other unwanted properties to the food. Metsä Board's mills comply with the same strict product safety requirements as its customers' mills in the food industry.

“After manufacturing, our products go through a lot of testing. We test them in an accredited external laboratory to make sure that nothing harmful is coming from the board when it is produced as a package,” explains Tuomola.

“Many things can be done with paper products. You don’t always need plastic or aluminium,” says Bunner.

The consumption of baking and cooking papers is growing globally. Cooking paper is a multi-purpose product in the kitchen. It helps with reducing food waste, promotes low-fat cooking, and saves time and effort in baking and cooking. Metsä Tissue’s cooking papers are biodegradable and compostable.

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