Metsä Group as an employer

Metsä Group as an employer

We employ 9,100 professionals in various fields. By working together, we achieve top results. 

Responsible employer

At Metsä Group, we succeed by continuously developing our operations. Our values – renewal, cooperation, reliability and responsible profitability – are important for us. Our responsible management practices base on these values and create a foundation for everything we do. We believe that employees committed to our values are one of our success factors.

With us, you will be a part of a work community whose cornerstones are trust and cooperation. Respect for others and humour brighten up the working day – we work in earnest, but not with a serious face. We value our employees and invest in their professional development, wellbeing and safety at work. In return, we expect every one of our employees to develop their work and think about what they could do better and how to work for our common goals, every day.

As an employer, we are guided by several policies, which we expect all of our employees to study and follow. Metsä Group has a remuneration system that supports our strategy implementation and motivates us to reach our goals.

High-quality products manufactured from sustainable raw material and diverse duties make our work meaningful. We offer a wide range of career paths and employ professionals in various fields. At Metsä Forest, the emphasis is on expertise in wood trade and forest management. Metsä Wood, Metsä Fibre, Metsä Board and Metsä Tissue employ professionals in chemical and mechanical industrial production, maintenance and wood processing technology.

Furthermore, experts in fields such as financial administration, sustainability, logistics, procurement, law, HR, communications and ICT can find a career in Metsä Group.

With the Metsä attitude, we achieve top results.

Professional development

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Versatile opportunities for development

We encourage everyone to embrace continuous improvement and offer versatile  opportunities for competence development.

Read more about how we promote professional development

Wellbeing and safety at work


All Metsä Group employees have the right to leave work healthy

Everyone has the right to return safely home from work

We believe that healthy, motivated and satisfied employees are one of our success factors. At Metsä Group, occupational safety is an integral part of day-to-day management, and preventive action plays a key role in the promotion of wellbeing at work and safety at work.

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Metsä Group blog

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Welcome to read the Metsä blog!

The blog posts are published once a month and they are written by our employees.

Our ambition at Metsä Group is to continuously improve and develop our operations. This applies to products, production processes as well as our way of working.

29.01.2018Juha Jumppanen
To me, renewal means the continuous development of my own work and my organisation’s operations. It also means a readiness to critically evaluate my work as a supervisor and leader, and to receive feedback.Self-development begins with realising that you are not perfect as a leader and with admitting your mistakes. However, leadership does not revolve around the self.  It is a good idea to stop and take time to evaluate yourself and how you should change your ways, so the people around you are ab...
15.12.2017Jarmo Toikka
Cooperation, trust, community and mutual respect. These are powerful words, and we need every one of them to build good cooperation. As a manager, they are the cornerstones of my thinking and work. Cooperation is built on trust, mutual respect and shared goals. This applies to all cooperation – with your team, an external partner or your managers. Managing an external network of partners requires skill. Metsä Group must stand its ground in tough competition and manufacture the best products in t...
22.11.2017Ilkka Hämälä
Metsä Group, like companies in general, has ambitious profit targets. Every one of us must contribute to our common goals in our work, and thus act responsibly. This is undoubtedly clear to everyone, but when we try to consider what responsibility actually involves, the issue becomes more complex. For me, responsibility primarily means systematic, long-term work. Responsible profitability is one of our Group’s values. It means choosing ways of working that do not compromise or risk our future su...
13.10.2017Anneli Karhula
​Competition is tough and getting tougher, as are the demands for efficiency – the bar is set high. Because predicting the future is harder than ever,  good leadership has become an increasingly important success factor. A clear strategy and goals keep us on the right track. It’s easier to meet changing demands – and even  surpass them – when you know where to focus. When we spend our time and energy on what really matters you’ll have time for innovative thinking and renewal. When everyone’s inp...

Demanding but fair leadership