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Cooperation with educational institutions


Metsä needs your expertise

Our cooperation with educational institutions is an investment in the future. We operate in a continuously developing sector. Metsä – and the forest industry – needs experts in various fields, now and in the future. We offer jobs for people with a broad range of educational backgrounds and work histories.

Recent studies show that young people do not know enough about opportunities in the forest industry. Our cooperation with educational institutions seeks to increase awareness of the forest sector and forestry professions and products among young people and their teachers. We also seek to encourage and inspire young people to study forestry and find a career in the forest industry


World's best forestry expertise

World's best forestry expertise

Did you know that Finland has the best forestry expertise in the world?

Did you know that forests will still be producing one of our most important industrial raw materials far into the future? Or that Finland has the best forestry expertise in the world? 

It is important for us to provide information about the forest industry as a field of the future that needs experts in various fields. The forest industry employs around 42,000 people in Finland, and the forestry sector as a whole provides around 150,000 jobs. Experts are needed in production processes, maintenance, product development and administrative roles. Around one quarter of the current forestry experts are expected to retire within the next ten years.

Our cooperation with educational institutions seeks to provide young people with information about the forestry sector and its employment opportunities, so that they will consider forestry when making their career choices.

A summer job or a work placement on the front line of the forest industry

The forestry sector offers opportunities for people with a broad range of educational backgrounds and work histories. Every year, Metsä Group offers hundreds of young people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with work on the front line of the forest industry. Young people can apply for a summer job or a work placement with us. Many of our professionals started their careers with a summer job or a work placement.

Our business covers the entire value chain for wood, from the forest to the end product. We are able to offer a broad range of interesting jobs in production and administration for students from different fields. Most of our summer employees work in production and maintenance in our production units, but we also offer summer jobs in financial management, sustainability, logistics, purchasing, HR, sales, marketing and ICT.

Socially responsible summer jobs

As a socially responsible employer, we offer young people jobs that correspond to their skill level, as well as more responsibility as they gain experience. The goal is for you to have an opportunity to try various tasks and apply your skills and knowledge to work, even during short training periods. At the same time, you will learn important skills and gain valuable work experience. We give induction training to all trainees and summer employees and always pay according to the job. We always provide employment contracts and references in writing.

Forests are the future – and young people shape our future.


Active cooperation with educational institutions

Active cooperation with educational institutions

​Active cooperation with educational institutions is important

We have a long tradition of cooperation with educational institutions, and we continuously seek to develop and diversify this cooperation. Through our active cooperation, educational institutions receive information about the need for expertise in the forestry sector, and students can learn about us as an employer.  In return, we have access to the most recent scientific information.

We cooperate with a broad range of educational institutions, from comprehensive schools to higher education institutions. Our goal is to provide information about career opportunities in the forest industry – for example in our business – when young people are making their career decisions. We provide students with information about summer jobs and work placements, as well as opportunities to complete their thesis or diploma work. We also participate in student projects, hold employer events at educational institutions and participate in fairs and career events. In addition, we invite students to visit our mills, and we participate in various educational committees and groups focusing on cooperation between educational institutions and working life.

There is more to Metsä than meets the eye – take advantage of the many opportunities!


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Contact us!

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