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30 countries, thousands of opportunities for development

​Interesting and varied tasks

We are a Finnish forest industry company that operates in the international market. We operate in 30 countries and have production units in seven countries. Our business covers the entire value chain for wood, from the forest to the end product. We are able to offer interesting jobs in production and administration for experts in different fields.

Our success is based on teamwork. At Metsä Group, everyone plays an important role in producing the ever more sustainably and efficiently manufactured products required by our customers, consumers and industry. Work at Metsä Group offers constant opportunities to gain new insights and learn new things. Enthusiasm for developing one's own work guarantees success.

Of our business areas, Metsä Tissue, Metsä Board, Metsä Fibre and Metsä Wood employ professionals in chemical and mechanical industrial production, maintenance and process technology in their production units. At Metsä Forest, the emphasis is on forest management and the wood trade.

In addition, we offer employment opportunities in other business support functions, such as financial management, sustainability, logistics, purchasing, legal affairs, HR, communications, sales, marketing and ICT.

Find your own path alongside our 9,100 professionals!

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Task areas




Business development



Metsä Group's communications supports our business areas' strategy and corporate image by providing consistent and well-planned solutions. 

Our communications professionals work in business area's communications, group function, and mills. Communications in Metsä Group employs professionals who specialise e.g. in external and internal communication, marketing communication, sustainability communications and digital communication.

We build corporate image and identity through marketing communications, produce magazines, reports and other publications to the customers and personnel, we develop digital and social media channels and are responsible for other external communications, including crisis and emergency communications.

Metsä Group's participation in growing and developing business operations brings variety to our day-to-day work, which offers opportunities for professional development in a broad range of expert, project and management tasks, as part of a multi-skilled team.


Sustainability and Corporate Affairs

At Metsä Group, sustainability is part of everything we do in different phases of value chain from sustainably managed forests and production to customers. Metsä Group's 2030 strategic sustainability objectives guide our business areas' operations and continuous development.

Sustainability is visible in many ways e.g.: 

  • Sustainable forestry and nature biodiversity
  • Efficiency of the mills, environmental performance, continuous reduction of emissions
  • Technology investments and energy efficiency
  • Promoting bio- and circular economy and the innovative use of side streams
  • Responsibility of the supply chain
  • Research and product development
  • Responsibility surveys for customers and stakeholders
  • Hygiene requirements and chemical and product safety


Customer Service

​Good customer service requires the right attitude, customer-focused thinking and good interaction skills. Metsä Group’s business areas have their own customer service organisations.

To ensure the best possible customer experience, we cooperate closely with various operations, such as logistics, sales, technical marketing and marketing.

Customer Service takes care of tasks related to various stages of the supply chain, such as responding to enquiries from customers, placing orders and checking. It also ensures the availability of goods, communicates with customers and sends invoices for orders. In addition, its responsibilities include implementing development projects and monitoring inventories.


Financial services

Financial Services at Metsä Group provides financial management services for Group companies. Our services include bookkeeping, Group accounting, taxation, financing and customer credit risk management. We are strongly investing in process and system development in financial management. Financial Services employs around 190 people, mainly in Poland and Finland.

What do we offer for financial experts?

We hire both recent graduates and experienced financial management experts. We provide services internationally, meaning that good language skills are needed in addition to the right customer service attitude. Financial management is changing in an increasingly digitised world, and financial information is being used in new ways in corporate management. For this reason, we need you to be open to change and keep up with the times!

Job titles in Financial Services at Metsä Group include Accountant, Process Specialist, Team Leader, Process Manager, Process Owner, Credit Controller, Tax Manager, Dealer, and Treasury Controller.


Well-being at work Services

Well-being at work Services is an expert organisation within Metsä Group specialised in health and well-being at work.

It is responsible for promoting the well-being, health and working capacity of Metsä Group employees in cooperation with the management, HR and supervisors.

Metsä Group promotes and maintains well-being and working capacity with a system based on preventative measures. Our goal is to identify threats to working capacity at an early stage and launch systematic measures at the right time. We aim to improve long-term health throughout entire careers. Our key goals include monitoring and analysing absence and disability risks at Metsä Group in close cooperation with local occupational healthcare organisations to maintain employees’ working capacity. We promote our employees’ well-being systematically over the long term. 


Human Resources

​Human Resources serve Metsä Group employees in all matters related to employment relationships. HR at Metsä Group employs around 120 professionals globally.

It is responsible for HR management methods and tools as well as expert services at Metsä Group. Its services cover personnel planning, recruitment, personnel development, well-being at work, occupational health-care management and HR reporting, as well as matters related to employment contracts, the labour market, salaries and rewards.

What do we offer for HR specialists?

The wide scope of Metsä Group’s business operations and our international operating environment make our work challenging. We operate in markets where competition is intense. For this reason, continuous professional development is a key success factor for Metsä Group.

HR is a management partner that actively participates in developing Metsä Group and supports its employees at all stages of their careers.

We employ people who are experts in employment contracts, manage recruitment, maintain and develop our personal data systems, produce reports or participate in salary, reward and performance management processes.

Our job titles include HR expert, HR assistant, HR development expert and HR manager, as well as Senior Vice President, Human Resources.



ICT serves Metsä Group employees in all matters related to information and communication technology. In addition to in-house specialists, it uses external service providers. Our ICT employees work in nine countries.

At Metsä Group, ICT is a centralised service function that provides and develops ICT services for business purposes Group-wide and supports business development through ICT solutions. In addition to the business areas, we provide services to other Group functions. We employ the latest technologies, tools and solutions, from basic ICT services to the latest mobile and digital solutions.

Close, smoothly running cooperation with the business operations of the Group is paramount to us. Business continuity is the top priority of ICT in Metsä Group.

What do we offer for IT experts?

Metsä Group's operations in international markets challenge us to develop new solutions that support its business operations.

As ICT experts, our goal is to serve Metsä Group employees in all issues related to information technology. This is why we are responsible for a broad range of duties: while some of us provide IT support for application users, others work as IT architects or in tasks related to service management, system development and process development, or as experts in development projects. Project management, supplier management, management of the Group's internal customer accounts, purchasing tasks, local IT managers at production facilities and supervisory duties are among our competence areas.

The titles of our ICT professionals include Solution Expert, Solution Designer, Solution Owner, Service Owner, Head of ICT, Local ICT Manager, IT Architect and Project Manager.


Legal Services

Metsä Group Legal Services serves all legal entities and business units of Metsä Group by providing assistance and advice in legal issues. We also participate in corporate transactions and ensure that the governance and business operations of our companies are managed in compliance with applicable laws. Our lawyers are responsible for ensuring that key legal risks relating to our business operations are identified and communicated to decision-makers in a timely manner. We are also responsible for purchasing external legal services. We employ a little more than ten people.

What we can offer to a corporate lawyer?

Metsä Group is a global player with strong roots in Finland and Finnish forests. Legal Services is a valued service function involved in making decisions and implementing strategies. We serve as advisors to Boards of Directors, executive management teams as well as business operations and support functions.

Integrity and punctuality are highlighted in our work. We execute both complicated corporate and financial transactions as well as investment and product development projects not forgetting a broad range of environmental and energy related cases. To balance project work, we are involved in business contract negotiations, corporate and employment law and real estate transactions. We take pride in working for Metsä Group and enjoy working as a team.



​Metsä Group employs around 70 people in managerial positions.  Most of them have held various positions during their career at Metsä Group. Many have a master’s degree in technology or economics, or both. Responsible, productive supervisory work is driven by a desire to develop as a leader and ensure favourable conditions for employees to perform their work. A good manager helps employees become top experts in their field. Metsä Group’s values – cooperation, reliability, renewal and responsible profitability – create a solid foundation for demanding but fair leadership.



Each business area at Metsä Group has its own marketing organisation, which is responsible for marketing the products and services of that business area. Marketing at Metsä Group is based on a customer-focused approach.

What do we offer for marketing experts?

Metsä Group provides interesting career opportunities for marketing and marketing communications experts. We work in international teams and we can offer both international and local tasks.

A strategic brand builder, multi-talent in implementing marketing campaigns and product development projects,  digital marketing expert or a trade expert may find their dream job with us. At Metsä Group, marketing experts affect the end results of operations via many fascinating phases – learning something new all the while.

Job titles in Marketing at Metsä Group include Brand Director, Brand Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Insight Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications Manager and Marketing Specialist.


Mill Services



​Highly skilled employees are the most important competitive factor for Metsä Group, and expertise is key.

Metsä Tissue, Metsä Board, Metsä Fibre and Metsä Wood employ professionals specialised in chemical and mechanical industrial production processes and processing technology. A job with Metsä Group offers production professionals continuous opportunities for learning, insight and operational development.

Jobs related to production increasingly require multiple skills. We invest in ensuring broad-based expertise for our employees, so that any challenges in production can be addressed immediately during the shift.

What do we have to offer for production experts?

We offer varied tasks in our production units in eight countries. You can be an expert in chemical or mechanical industrial production processes, for example, or a professional specialised in processing technology. 

Job titles in production include operator, assistant sheet cutter operator, maintenance operator, shift manager, regional manager, production supervisor and operating manager.


Project management

​At Metsä Group, we do a lot of our development work in projects to enable continuous development and renewal. 

Our projects can cover anything from production improvement, product development, research or marketing to strategic growth. The projects can also be fairly large in scale. A good example of this is our bioproduct mill, under construction in Äänekoski, Finland.

Project managers must be service-oriented, systematic and understand the business environment. They must also have the ability to drive results with the project team to reach the targets set for a project. Our key competence areas cover change management, communication, the ability to quickly perceive “the big picture”, as well as strong project management and leadership skills.

Project managers are responsible for the life cycle of an entire project, starting from its planning and ending with the closing phase. They draw up the project plan and communicate its content to all stakeholders. Project managers ensure that the people participating in a project are committed into working towards the project's goals. Project managers often cooperate with both Metsä Group's internal stakeholders and external collaborative partners.

Our project work professionals have titles such as Project Manager or Project Director.

Projects offer always both project managers and the project team members possibilities for challenging, interesting and varying work, in which everyone has a chance to show what they are made of and develop!



Metsä Group's external purchases total more than EUR 3 billion annually. All of the materials and services purchased by Metsä Group must meet its business needs in the most cost-effective manner.

The purpose of the procurement function is to procure competitively the raw materials, chemicals, materials, machinery, and equipment, products and services and services needed for group's production and service operations and to secure supply and develop supply network according to a defined operating model. Procurement serves all Metsä Group's business areas and units through long-term development of sourcing, best practices and efficiency.

Metsä Group Purchasing supports mills and group functions in the preparation of long-term procurement plans and contracts. In addition to procurement process, Group Purchasing is responsible for operational purchasing process. Daily purchasing operations – such as orders and monitoring deliveries are centralized in the purchase service center and the purchase invoice processing and payment center. The purpose of the procurement is to develop long-term partnerships with selected key suppliers. Purchases are managed responsibly based on the Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct sets the minimum requirements for suppliers in terms of business ethics, integrity, sustainability and good work practices.

Group Purchasing does not include Metsä Group's wood supply, which is managed Group-wide by Metsä Forest.


Research & Development

Metsä Group’s shared focus areas for research and development include improving processes and resource efficiency, renewable raw materials as a competitive advantage and added-value products and services. Our goal is to improve our existing products and develop innovative products of the future.

In wood supply, we are significantly investing in the development of member services and the productivity of transportation, harvesting and forest services, as well as the information systems supporting these. In the wood products industry, development work focuses on developing processes to improve material and energy efficiency throughout the supply chain. Also, the properties of existing products such as fire resistance and moisture resistance are constantly being developed. Another key objective is to find new bio-based solutions in product manufacturing.

In the paperboard industry, the key goal for research and development work is to produce increasingly lightweight folding boxboards and linerboards without compromising their end-use properties, and to further develop product properties to minimise the environmental impact of products.

In the pulp industry, the goal is to develop processes to improve production efficiency and environmental performance and explore business opportunities related to new biomaterials. In the tissue and greaseproof paper industry, product development is strongly based on customers’ needs and happens in business area functions. 

Metsä Group participates in joint projects in the forestry sector, such as the New Tree project, which promotes existing biosolutions based on wood fibre.

The Group also actively participates in the planning and steering of the research programmes of the Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster (FIBIC) and the operations of the Bio-based Industries Consortium.

Job titles in research and development at Metsä Group include Research Manager, Laboratory Technician and Development Manager, as well as VP, Research and VP, Research & Development.





The aim of Metsä Group Logistics is a reliable and cost-efficient supply chain from the forest to the mill and from the mill to the customers.

Metsä Group Logistics idenfies synergies in logistics between the Group's business areas – Metsä Forest, Metsä Wood, Metsä Fibre, Metsä Board and Metsä Tissue – and further develops common ways of working. Group Logistics is responsible for sourcing logistics services, service provider management and logistics reporting on corporate level.

The sourcing of logistics services is divided into categories, which are Land Logistics, Maritime Logistics and Ports and Terminals. Operative logistics is part of the order-delivery process of all Group companies.

Job titles at logistics are e.g. Storekeeper, Transport Planner, Logistics Coordinator, and Logistics Manager.