Metsä Group’s products are made of renewable raw material and offer sustainable alternatives for products made of fossil-based raw materials. Our business areas create a strong value chain where wood is used efficiently for the purpose which creates the most value.

Metsä Group reviews its business operations continuously in terms of profitability and environmental impacts. We strive to continuously develop our environmental performance. We target to minimise our fossil CO2 emissions, and utilise technologies and processes that enable us to minimise our environmental impacts. The side streams generated during production are utilised either as material or in energy production, thereby minimising waste. We use all resources, materials, energy and water efficiently.

Metsä Group procures wood from Northern forest areas where forest growth exceeds their use. Our sustainable forest management practices ensure that forest regeneration is safeguarded.

The majority of the wood Metsä Group procures is certified. Thirdparty forest certification ensures that the forest has been used legally and managed sustainably, safeguarding biodiversity. We always know the origin of the wood we use and can verify that the origin is legal and that the supply chain is sustainable.

Keep these principles in mind

  • We value forests and nature and its diversity. We also consider the multiple use of forests important. 
  • We always know the origin of the wood we use.
  • We understand our environmental responsibilities and comply with legal requirements.
  • Proactive environmental protection is the starting point for our operations.
  • We act without delay on any circumstances that may cause a risk to the environment.
  • We conduct measurements on environmental performance accurately and report openly to supervisory authority among others.
  • We minimise waste and treat all side streams of production and waste according to instructions.
We continuously improve our environmental performance.