At Metsä Group we are all responsible for creating a positive working environment. Everyone is treated with decency, dignity and respect. We support each other, and work as a team.

We do not tolerate any forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, insults, bullying, intimidation, threats, abuse, exploitation, violence or any other unacceptable behaviour, whether towards colleagues, customers, suppliers or anyone else. Such behaviour is not acceptable. 

Keep these principles in mind

  • No abuse, bullying or harassment is allowed, whether verbal, physical or visual.
  • Consider the local culture, people's background and beliefs.
  • It is not acceptable to share offensive material or make offensive or sexual comments or otherwise cause anyone to feel uncomfortable.
  • Harassment is determined by actions and how they impact, regardless of intentions.
  • Don't be afraid to stop or report inappropriate behaviour, it won't be used against you.
We all contribute to a working environment where harassment is not allowed.