In some cases, gifts and hospitality are part of building business relationships and engaging with stakeholders. According to Metsä Group’s guidance, appropriate gifts should be of a nominal value and hospitality of a reasonable value.

It is strictly forbidden to accept, offer or promise gifts or hospitality that might influence or appear to influence decision-making. It is important to recognise that gifts and hospitality can under certain circumstances be considered as corruption or create conflicts of interest, especially when dealing with public officials.

Any gifts and hospitality must always comply with applicable laws, have legitimate business interest and be transparent and proportionate in the context of Metsä Group’s business activities. Metsä Group personnel must reject offers and never offer any gifts or hospitality in breach of these key principles.

Keep these principles in mind

Gifts and hospitality must never:

  • include money transfers, cash or cash equivalent.
  • be more than nominal (gifts) or reasonable (hospitality) in value, taking into account local culture and living standards.
  • be offered or accepted too often or at an inappropriate time.
  • violate the recipient's known organisational policies.
  • be inappropriate by nature.
  • be offered to or accepted from a public official unless permitted by local legislation.
Gifts and hospitality must never affect or appear to affect decision-making.