Metsä Group’s business is based on fair competition. Competition law prohibits agreements and other practices that restrict competition.

Metsä Group companies or personnel must not take part in any cartels. Discussing or otherwise exchanging non-public information with competitors shall be limited to what is legal and necessary as a part of day-to-day business. We must allow our customers and distributors fair opportunities to compete in their markets. It is not allowed to impose prices at which distributors or customers resell products or limit our distributors’ or customers’ right to resell when responding to unsolicited orders.

Breaches of competition law carry a significant negative impact on Metsä Group’s reputation and business and might lead to criminal consequences for those involved.

Keep these principles in mind

  • Be independent when making business decisions, such as determining prices and terms and conditions.
  • Do not discuss or exchange commercially sensitive information with competitors, including pricing information.
  • Document cooperation with competitors.
  • Explicitly reject in writing any participation in anticompetitive conduct, whether during meetings, concerning email correspondence, or otherwise.
  • Always contact Metsä Group Legal Services, if in doubt about any competition issues or if contacted by the competition authorities.
  • Keep in mind that all contracts and cooperation with competitors will have to be reviewed by Metsä Group Legal Services.
We compete only within the limits permitted by law.