Code of Conduct

Metsä Group
Code of

Ethical principles are reflected in our daily work

Metsä Group’s operations are guided by our values as well as our ownership and business strategies. We are all responsible for ensuring that we know these guidelines and work in accordance with them. This revised Code of Conduct describes our way of working in more detail.

We all should study this Code of Conduct carefully and reflect on our own and our work community’s ways of working. There is always something each one of us can improve to ensure that these ethical principles are followed in our operations.

Although we all are responsible for making right decisions, I want to emphasise the importance of the role of management and supervisors, and the power of leading by example. Ethical principles have no meaning if they are merely words in solemn speeches. They must be reflected in our daily work and decisions.

Let’s be open to feedback and follow our principles of renewal and continuous improvement. This way, we will create a better place to work for us all and put our value of responsible profitability into action.

Ilkka Hämälä
President and CEO