Our personnel must act in the best interest of Metsä Group and avoid any conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest may occur when the person’s interests and the interests of Metsä Group are not the same, even if the decision or outcome appears to be beneficial for everyone. Such interests can be financial or non-financial and mean anything that can influence decision-making.

It is important to recognise conflicts of interests. Special attention should be paid for example when a family member or a close friend is somehow involved. Even when nothing is wrong, the appearance of conflicting interests may have a significant negative impact on Metsä Group’s reputation and business.

Keep these principles in mind

  • Speak up without delay if you notice a potential or actual conflict of interest. Often conflicts of interest can be resolved by an open and honest discussion.
  • Do not mix Metsä Group's business and any business of your familiy members, close friends or other related parties.
  • Always clearly and openly distance yourself from any decision-making if a close personal contact is involved.
  • Do not accept or retain employment or other engagements that could conflict with your role at Metsä Group.
  • Remember that no reporting relationships are allowed between individuals who are related or intimately involved.
Open and honest discussion is the best way to avoid conflicts of interest.