We gain business based on merits. Our business must not be advanced through illegal or unethical ways. We do not tolerate corruption in any form.

Corruption generally refers to obtaining, or attempting to obtain, a personal benefit or business advantage through improper or illegal means. Corruption may involve improper payments e.g. paying too high commissions or rebates, covering miscellaneous travel expenses, requests to donate to organisations and sponsoring events. Also, gifts and hospitality can, under certain circumstances, be considered as corruption. Corruption may also be concealed.

The most typical form of corruption is bribery. Bribery is the offering, promising, giving or accepting any undue financial or other advantage to obtain or retain business or other advantages such as regulatory permits or favourable public official decisions. Our personnel or parties acting on our behalf should never offer or receive any benefits to persuade or appear to persuade someone to act in their own or Metsä Group’s favour, or to influence the decision-making. 

Keep these principles in mind

  • Never offer benefits to persuade someone to act in your or Metsä Group's favour.
  • Be extra careful when dealing with public officials. Never offer anything that might influence the impartiality required from public officials.
  • Concealing or disguising illegal operations is forbidden.
We have a zero tolerance for corruption.