Success does not happen by chance

Anneli Karhula
Anneli Karhula

​Competition is tough and getting tougher, as are the demands for efficiency – the bar is set high. Because predicting the future is harder than ever,  good leadership has become an increasingly important success factor. A clear strategy and goals keep us on the right track. It’s easier to meet changing demands – and even  surpass them – when you know where to focus. When we spend our time and energy on what really matters you’ll have time for innovative thinking and renewal. When everyone’s input is appreciated, mutual trust and teamwork are strengthened, leading to even better results.

Anneli Karhula

Metsä Group has been focusing on improving the quality of leadership for a long time now. Good leadership rests on our shared values: responsible profitability, reliability, renewal and cooperation. Self-knowledge and self-management are key in this. It is often thought that a firm and demanding boss is not able to mentor, motivate or encourage people to participate. However, demanding yet encouraging leadership is an unbeatable combination. At Metsä Group, a good leader is demanding but fair. We regularly monitor our leaders’ performance in order to develop constantly. In addition to on-the-job learning, leaders have the opportunity to improve their skills with the wide range of training we offer.

The core task of every leader is to make sure that their team has everything they need to succeed in their work, and to ensure that they develop their skills. Furthermore, the most important task for every one of us is to do the very best in our daily work. Whenever problems and setbacks arise, we tackle them head-on. Good leadership is seen and felt in everything we do, every day.

We at Metsä are a resilient bunch, and we succeed together through hard work and excellent cooperation. We’re not perfect, of course. But we are brave enough to reflect on our own performance and improve continuously.

Success is built together, with clear and consistent goals, a mindset focused on renewal – and unfailing resilience. Chance has nothing to do with it!

Anneli Karhula
Metsä Group

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