Cooperation is power

Jarmo Toikka
Jarmo Toikka

Cooperation, trust, community and mutual respect. These are powerful words, and we need every one of them to build good cooperation. As a manager, they are the cornerstones of my thinking and work. Cooperation is built on trust, mutual respect and shared goals. This applies to all cooperation – with your team, an external partner or your managers.


Managing an external network of partners requires skill. Metsä Group must stand its ground in tough competition and manufacture the best products in the world with uncompromising quality and on market terms. We have an excellent network of partners, with whom we have been building cooperation systematically over the long term, based on our values. Selling and buying products, raw materials and services always involves money. The agreements are signed between companies, but the details are negotiated between people. A good buyer is demanding and encouraging, but also honest and fair – trustworthy!

In managing partner networks, it's important to maintain a good, well-functioning relationship with all of their members.  When cooperation works face-to-face, even the most difficult issues can be resolved through discussion. Trust and respect lead to long-term cooperative relationships that create value for both parties.

Trust and respect must be earned; they cannot be bought. Daily cooperation, in both little things and major endeavours, lays the foundation. Every day, you must earn the right to continue the cooperation by doing things well and doing them right the first time, and always a little better than before. This is actually quite simple if we keep our eye on the ball. It's nice to work with good people!


Jarmo Toikka
Metsä Group

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