Metsä Group strategy

Metsä Group's strategy of profitable growth

Metsä Group strategy

The world’s population is growing and competition for energy and natural resources is becoming tighter, which is why resources must be used more efficiently. As a forerunner of the bioeconomy, the changes in the operating environment create versatile opportunities for Metsä Group. 

Metsä Group is in a phase of strong, profitable growth. Our business is based on renewable raw materials and recyclable products, in which wood from northern, sustainably managed forests and our profound expertise provide a competitive advantage. We focus on wood supply and forest services, wood products, pulp, paperboard as well as tissue and greaseproof papers.

We develop our operations sustainably, always in line with economic, social, as well as ecological aspects. We improve the growth of forests, expand our industrial operations sustainably and contribute to the shift from fossil products to renewables. The way we see it, wood is the solution to many challenges in the future.

Northern wood

Climate change concerns us all, and our future must be based on the use of renewable resources. Northern wood is the world’s best renewable raw material and the core of our business. We ensure that the wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests. Forests, that grow more than they are used. Most of the wood we use comes from our Finnish owner-members’ forests.

Products and new innovations

Our carbon storing products made from renewable raw materials offer sustainable solutions for global challenges. We aim to provide our global customers with a first-class experience through close cooperation and with the best digital tools. 

We focus on market-based product development by expanding our current product portfolio and investing in new business opportunities through our innovation company Metsä Spring, for example.

Competitive production

As a result of systematic investment programmes, our production units are cutting edge of the industry, be the measure environmental performance, energy efficiency or profitability. We invest in fossil free mills and world-class resource efficiency. We develop our operations efficiently all business areas together as a unified Group.


Our operations are based on continuous improvement, which gives our personnel the opportunity to increase their own competence and discover new strengths. The majority of our personnel’s development is made up of on-the-job learning which we support through job rotation and encouraging multi-skilling. Good leadership is the cornerstone of our success. 


Advancing bioeconomy and circular economy by efficiently processing northern wood into first-class products.


The preferred partner in developing sustainable business.





Responsible Profitability