work safety

Focusing on preventive measures


Safely to work, safely to home

At Metsä Group, safety at work is an integral part of day-to-day management. Everyone is responsible for following instructions, identifying defects and shortcomings and eliminating the causes of hazards. We focus on preventive work in order to identify and prevent dangerous situations. Our goals and indicators for safety at work support us in continuously developing our operations. At Metsä Group, safety at work is managed and monitored Group-wide. Our target is to reduce the number of accidents by 10% every year. Our long-term goal is zero accidents. We provide all of our employees and subcontractors working at our mills with induction training in safe ways of working.

We have launched a development programme to provide all supervisors with the knowledge and skills to address any working methods used by employees that compromise safety at work. All employees also have the opportunity to discuss how they can address ways of working that compromise safety in their workplace communities.

Metsä Group has also set a target for keeping sickness absenteeism below 3%. See the Group's development on both targets since 2012.

At Metsä Group, promoting and maintaining well-being at work and working capacity is based on preventive measures. Our goal is to identify threats to working capacity at an early stage and take systematic measures in a timely manner. We aim to improve long-term health throughout entire careers.