Value creation in society

Creating value locally and internationally

Value creation in society


Metsä Group creates value locally, nationally and internationally

In addition to the economic value Metsä Group produces, the company also has other major impacts on society.

Our production units have a strong local influence and our operations affect the entire country. On a national level, we are an important producer of export goods and renewable energy. The value of the exports from our Finnish mills equals 5% of Finland's total exports, and we produce 15% of Finland's renewable energy.

On the international markets, our products correspond to global trends and reduce dependence on fossil raw materials. It is also worth noting that our primary raw material wood comes from sustainably managed northern forests with 100% traceability.

– Wood products store carbon for the entire lifespan.
– Pulp is used globally to make recyclable products such as paper and paperboard.
– Fresh fibre paperboard is a safe choice for food packaging.
– Tissue papers make everyday life easier and improve hygiene.

An important employer – directly and indirectly

92% of Metsä Group's employees have permanent contracts. In 2020, our employees received wages, salaries and benefits worth a total of 615 million euros. In addition, EUR 395 million went to harvesting, transportation and forest management entrepreneurs. Therefore it's not surprising that each Finnish forest industry job indirectly creates three more jobs indirectly, according to the Finnish Forest Industries Federation. 

Forestry built on a sustainable foundation

Forests have both economic and recreational value, and it's in everyone's best interests to maintain that. Every year, Metsä Group procures over 30 million cubic metres of wood, and we always know its origin. 87% of the wood we use comes from certified forests, but through chain of custody procurement policies, we also ensure that wood from uncertified forests is procured, harvested and supplied in accordance with strict sustainability standards.

For every harvested tree, we plant four new seedlings. Metsä Group delivers approximately 33 million seedlings annually to the Cooperative's forest owner-members and other customers.

Investing in the future

Through our investments, we are building sustainable bioeconomy. Our research and development projects bring new bioproducts to the markets in order to replace fossil raw materials. Already 86 % of the energy used in our production is fossil free and we have reduced fossil CO2 emissions by 48% per produced tonne since 2009. Metsä Group's investments takes us closer to a fossil-free society.

Resources and competences
Resources and competences

Secure supply

– Steady wood flow secured by 104,000 forest-owners that own about 50% of Finland's privately owned forests

– 9,126 employees in 26 countries
– Retention rate 97%


Efficient use of resources

– 29 production units in 7 countries in Europe
– 72% of the energy used in production was renewable

– Procuting 32 million m3 of wood with 100% traceability

– 99.6% surface water – no impact on water scarcity


Steady outlook for future

– In liquidity EUR 2.1 billion
– Capital employed EUR 5.0 billion
– Equity ratio 45.0%

– EUR 626 million in investments and R&D


​Customers and consumers
Authorities, legislators, political decision makers
Local communities
Schools and universities
Research organizations
Cooperative’s owner-members
Other forest owners
Corporate networks
Subcontractors and suppliers
Investors and analysts


– 93% permanent employees
– EUR 621 million in wages, salaries and benefits
– EUR 500 million to Finnish forest-owners from wood sales
– EUR 330 million to harvesting and transportation entrepreneurs in Finland
– 30 million seedlings delivered to forest owners annually
– Over 1,000 summer jobs
– Vast employment impact: each forest industry job creates three others indirectly


– The value of exports from Metsä Group's Finnish mills is EUR 2.8 billion, corresponding to 5% of Finnish exports
– Producing 15% of renewable energy in Finland
– Partnering in circular economy: over 90% of production side streams utilised
– 92% of wood and 85% of other purchases from production countries in Europe
– Ensuring biodiversity by leaving at least 2 high biodiversity stumps per hectare in forests
– EUR 63 million paid as interests to Metsäliitto Cooperative’s owner-members


– Reducing the dependence on fossil resources:

  • Wood products that store carbon
  • Pulp for recyclable products
  • Paperboards for safe packaging
  • Tissue papers for improving hygiene

Sales from products EUR 5.0 billion:

  • 74% from EMEA
  • 8% from Americas 
  • 18% from APAC

EUR 85 million as interest expenses
– EUR 71 million of dividends to shareholders other than Cooperative’s owner-members

Future growth from the bioeconomy

The forest sector has provided the foundation for Finland's industrial development, exports and national prosperity for many decades. Today, the forest industry is investing and boldly building new business operations outside the industry that are based on bioeconomy. The industry uses renewable wood raw material and its products help mitigate climate change.

The new bioeconomy will grow into a profitable business alongside existing operations. We are creating bioeconomic value networks across sectoral boundaries that enable a higher degree of value-added than before. Metsä Group's bioproduct mill at Äänekoski is a great example of this — it aims to create a unique industrial ecosystem of companies around pulp production.