Finnish forests are home to thousand of species

Biodiversity of forests is valued every day


Finnish forests play an important role in preserving biodiversity, as they are a home to many different habitats with over 20,000 different species.

The diversity of forest nature is protected in many ways. In Finland, where Metsä Group procures 3/4 of its wood, forests have been managed in accordance with the PEFC certification requirements for 15 years. A recent study highlighted the impacts of PEFC certification in Finland during the past 15 years. The study concluded that PEFC has systematised and improved practices and procedures both in forestry and the whole value chain. Regarding biodiversity, the study emphasised the effect of leaving retention trees, which is seen as the biggest single reason behind the current improvements in the status of endangered species.

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Preserving biodiversity with WWF Finland


Metsä Group and WWF Finland are working together for the sixth year. Joint efforts have provided valuable stakeholder views with hands-on approach in themes highly valued by both parties, such as the biodiversity of forests. Nature management in sunlit habitats and herb-rich forests have been among the topics discussed at common training events as forest management plays a remarkable role in safeguarding the biodiversity values of sunlit habitats and herb-rich forests.

Two thirds of the threatened forest species in Finland use herb-rich forests or sunlit slopes as their primary habitat. Some of the species benefit from loggings aimed at nature management of the habitat, imitating the natural dynamics of the site. Metsä Group and WWF Finland joined their forces in a project that resulted in guidelines and training on the management of herb-rich forests and sunlit habitats in ordinary commercial forests. As a part of the project, Metsä Group has conducted loggings aimed at nature management in accordance with the guidelines.

WWF Finland and Metsä Group have ensured in cooperation the biodiversity of forests by controlled burning of forests. In the fall of 2016, a joint visit to an area in the Finnish Lapland that underwent controlled burnings four years ago showed that the controlled burnigns have had an effect. Various kinds of fungi and an already robustly growing new generation of trees have found their way into the areas.