Metsä Forest's management systems and forest certificates

 Download Metsä Forest's certificates from the table below.

Management systems​Quality

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

​Chain of Custody ​ ​








​​Metsä Forest Eesti AS, Estonia​ ​xx​x​x
Metsä Forest Finland, Finlandxx​x​x
​Metsä Forest AB, Swedenx ​ x​x​x
​​OOO Metsa Forest Saint Petersburg, Russia​x 1) x 2)​x​x
​OOO Metsa Forest Podporozhye, Russia​x 1)​x​x​x
​​SIA Metsä Forest Latvia, Latvia



Metsäliitto Cooperative's FSC logo lisence code is FSC-C014476.
1) Included in Metsäliitto Cooperative’s quality systems (ISO 9001).

2) Included in Metsäliitto Cooperative’s environmental systems (ISO 14001).