Sustainability management and targets

Sustainability management and targets

Metsä Group’s sustainability principles and Codes of Conduct for employees and suppliers guide our day-to-day responsibility work.

Targets and performance


Metsä Group has carefully set sustainability targets that are an important part of sustainability management at Metsä Group. Some targets are annual, some target year 2020. Our numeric targets have been divided under three categories: Wood and supply chain; Energy, climate and resource efficiency; and Ethical business practices, well-being and safety at work. Read more about the categories, targets and their development on Metsä Group’s Sustainability Report.

Stakeholder engagement


Cooperation with versatile stakeholders

Metsä Group is committed to the United Nations Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

We also actively participate in the operations of different organisations. In addition, we are active in international forest certification organisations, among others.

Management systems and certificates

Sustainability at Metsä Group is based on our basic mission, vision and values. Responsibility is an essential part of our operations and daily work. Ethical business is ensured by sustainability principles and Codes of Conduct for employees and suppliers guide our day-to-day responsibility work.

We have also defined working methods and policies for environmental management, personnel, equality and purchasing. Our Supplier Code of Conduct guides operations in the supply chain. At the mills, management systems related to quality, the environment and safety at work are integrated into daily work.

Governance and responsibilities

Sustainable forest management  

Integrated to all levels of operations

Everything we do involves sustainability. The sustainability targets are annually set in the Executive Management Team and the Sustainability report is presented to the Metsäliitto Board of Directors. Special steering team for sustainability issues involves representatives from each of our business areas.

The experts in our sustainability and corporate affairs function provide our business areas with support in issues related to products, raw materials, the supply chain and production plants, and is also responsible for communication and reporting related to sustainability at Metsä Group. In addition, its key duties include advocacy.


​Sustainability governance

​Metsäliitto Cooperative Board of Directors
​Metsä Group Executive Management Team, permanent sponsor representation
​Sustainability Steering Team, internal network
​Sustainability and Corporate Affairs function


Transparent tax policy

Metsä Group Tax Policy, approved by the Board of Directors, governs the main tax principles applied in the Group. All tax decisions made within Metsä Group and all other measures and actions which affect taxation have to be legal and in accordance with the applicable tax laws and regulations. All tax decisions are based on sound commercial reasons and they proactively support the goals of business activity. Corporate structures and other arrangements created only for tax reasons are not implemented.