Bioproducts are part of every day

Bioproducts in constant use


Pulp, paperboard, tissue and greaseproof paper as well as sawn timber, plywood and Kerto®LVL. But also perfumes, ice cream, fertilisers and tires. These are all or their important raw material is a bioproduct.

Products manufactured by Metsä Group from renewable raw material are traditional bioproducts, i.e. pulp, paperboard, tissue and greaseproof papers, and sawn timber, plywood and Kerto LVL. As the wood of our main raw material is of good quality, we want to use it as efficiently as possible. In this way, the wood of our operations is refined at our mills into many bioproducts – materials, chemicals or renewable energy – which we produce either ourselves or we supply raw material to our partners. Because our network of partners is wide and the possibilities of wood are diverse, wood fibres are used in surprising places.


New bioproducts from the manufacturing processes of current bioproducts

Metsä Group's resource-efficient way of working and extensive partner network make it possible for wood-based products to be used not only in traditional bioproducts but also in a number of new bioproducts: textiles, electronics, agricultural fertilisers and paints, tyres and perfumes. Our partner network plays an important role in utilising the smallest side streams in the best possible way. Cooperation with small and industrial partners is key to creating efficient ecosystems as part of a sustainable bioeconomy.  

Wood is turned into several bioproducts

Renewable energy
We supply heat, electricity and solid biofuels for power plants, households, industry and society.
We refine sludge, pulp production side stream, to biogas.

Sawn timber
We manufacture sawn timber that can be used, for example, in doors, windows and furniture. Sawn timber is also used in packaging to protect the products.

Sawn timber, plywood, Kerto LVL
Our products are widely used in construction for walls, and floors and ceiling elements, moulds and components.
We manufacture plywood that can be used for example in buses, trailers and lorries.
Pulp to paperboard
We manufacture paperboard that can be used for packaging, for example, food, cosmetics, medicines or take-away dishes.
Pulp for tissue papers
We manufacture tissue papers, our brands are Lambi, Serla and Katrin. They are used in homes, hotels and hospitals.
Pulp for greaseproof papers
We manufacture SAGA cooking and baking papers for cooking in homes and professional kitchens.
Pulp for speciality products and papers
We supply pulp for paper and specialty product manufacturers. They process pulp, for example, to office papers and building films. The pulp is also processed to a thickening agent used for example in juices, ice creams and medicines.
Pulp for biocomposites
We supply pulp to our partner Aqvacomp, which manufactures biocomposites for example for instruments and car industry. In the electronics industry, for example, LG uses biocomposite in its loudspeakers.
Pulp for textiles
We are doing product development with Itochu to investigate whether pulp can be used in textiles, for example, in clothes. Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring Ltd. and Japanese Itochu Corporation establish a joint venture, which invests EUR 40 million in building and operating a test plant in Äänekoski, Finland, with the aim to demonstrate a new technology for converting paper-grade pulp into textile fibres
We supply our partners with ashes for fertilisers and soil improvement.
We are doing joint product development where new uses for lignin are being sought, for example as an adhesive or chemical.
Tall oil, turpentine
We supply tall oil and turpentine to the chemical industry for processing to for example car tires and perfumes.

​15% of the wood is bark, branches and tops. We use those for renewable energy.

25% of wood is pulpwood. We use those to produce pulp and other bioproducts.

​60% of the wood is logs. We use those to produce sawn timber, plywood and Kerto LVL.


A tree makes plenty: most of the wood is logs (60%), and is used in wood products, for example, for construction. Some 25% of wood is pulpwood that is used in the manufacturing of pulp and other bioproducts. 15% of the wood is bark and branches that can be used to produce renewable energy.

Tall oil and turpentine have been used in the chemical industry for a long time. For example, tall oil is processed for paints and tyres. Turpentine, in turn, is used as a raw material for example in perfumes. When turpentine is distilled, it gives up to two hundred different scents. The pulp is also eaten when it has been processed, as it is a thickener in ice creams and juices, as well as in medicines and toothpaste.

The benefits of traditional bioproducts manufactured by Metsä Group

Metsä Wood manufactures industrially efficient wood products
• strong and light wood products
• The products store carbon
Metsä Fibre manufactures high quality sawn timber and fresh fibre softwood pulp
• clean and safe pulp
• pulp and bioproducts with excellent environmental performance
Metsä Board manufactures high-quality lightweight paperboard
• clean and safe
• Lightweight paperboard have a lower environmental impact and produce less waste
Metsä Tissue manufactures tissue and greaseproof papers that promote hygiene
• Tissues promote health, hygiene and well-being
• Greaseproof papers reduces food waste and energy and water usage

Working this way, we can make resource-wise bioeconomy  possible. At the same time we use every part of a tree for the purpose that it is best suited to and that provides the highest value. In Metsä Group, every prouduction side stream is valuable and nothing goes to waste.