Did you know that
Metsä Group's products are recyclable and made from a renewable raw material?

Safe and sustainable products


Wood supply and forest services

​We are a pioneer in the sustainable management of forest assets and as well as providing forest management services to forest owners. We deliver certified wood and wood-based energy to our mills and industrial customers.


Wood products

​Strong, lightweight wood products are manufactured efficiently by using less energy and generating less waste. Wood products store carbon during their entire life time.



Safe pulp

​Fresh fibre pulp is a pure and safe material for products such as paperboards and tissue and greaseproof papers. The by-products of pulp production are converted into biomaterials, bioenergy, biochemicals and fertilisers.



​​In the production of our lightweight paperboards, we use energy, materials and water more efficiently than our competitors. We never compromise on product quality. Our lightweight products enhance the efficiency of transport and reduce waste.


Tissue and cooking papers

Biodegradable cooking papers

​Our tissue papers make life more comfortable and improve hygiene. Our biodegradable greaseproof papers can reduce food waste in professional kitchens by up to 50%. In addition, they save energy, water and detergents by making dish washing easier.


The main raw material of Metsä Group's products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We are leading the way in its use. We manufacture pulp, wood products, fresh forest fibre paperboard, tissue paper and greaseproof papers – these are all bioproducts.

We use every part of the tree as effectively as possible, which represents sustainable development at its best. All of our products are recyclable. They are excellent alternatives to products made from non-renewable raw materials. Metsä Board's folding boxboards, for example, are 30% lighter than competing products. This reduces the use of material and the generation of waste throughout the supply chain. SAGA greaseproof papers can reduce food waste by up to 50%.

Our resource-efficient way of working supports sustainable bioeconomy and enables circular economy.


Product safety

Prodyct safety  

Safe products for demanding purposes

Wood fibre is naturally pure. Materials made from pure fresh forest fibre meet many requirements related to product safety and odour and flavour properties. Ensuring product safety is particularly important for products that come into contact with food. All of our mills that manufacture products for food use – or the chemical pulp used to manufacture such products – are certified to standardised product safety requirements  in accordance with ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 food contact material safety management systems.

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Innovations and research and development

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Innovations and R&D are made in cooperation in value networks

Metsä Group's research, development and innovation (R&D&I) work focuses on resource efficiency, the vast possibilities of renewable raw materials and adding value to our products. We innovate and conduct product development in networks.



Environmental impact of products

Environmental impact  

Environmental calculations for our customers' use

Our customers and other stakeholders are increasingly interested in the environmental impact of our products. We provide our stakeholders with a broad range of information. Metsä Group and its companies have third-party environmental certification, and our products have environmental labels. This makes it easier for consumers to make sustainable choices. We also prepare environmental product calculations.

Metsä Group continuously seeks to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Our customers and other stakeholders are increasingly interested in our products’ environmental impacts.

Metsä Group and its companies have third-party environmental certification, and our products have environmental labels. This makes it easier for consumers to make sustainable choices. We also prepare the following environmental product calculations:

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Life cycle assessments provide us with information about the environmental impact of products, from procuring raw materials to delivering products to customers. We use LCA information in environmental product declarations.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) is verified by a third party and based on a life cycle assessment and other information in accordance with the international ISO 14025 standard. Metsä Wood has prepared EPDs for its Kerto® wood products and its plywood products.

Carbon footprint describes the climate impact of a product

Our carbon footprint calculations are based on product-specific life cycle calculations. We consider the effect on climate warming of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions generated during production. The carbon footprint is presented as a CO2 equivalent.

Paper Profile – environmental product declarations for paper and paperboard products

Paper Profile is a standardised environmental product declaration developed by leading European paper manufacturers. It makes comparing the environmental performance of paper and paperboard products easier for customers. In addition to product composition, it provides information about emissions into the air and water generated during production. Metsä Board also publishes more detailed information about the wood raw materials used in products. It has published Paper Profile descriptions for all of its paper and paperboard products since 2001. These descriptions can be downloaded from Metsä Board website.

Environmental labels help consumers

Environmental labels provide consumers with information about the environmental impact of products. We participate in developing criteria for issuing environmental labels. The EU Ecolabel, the Nordic Ecolabel and other environmental labels prove that Metsä Tissue’s tissue papers, greaseproof papers, as well as Metsä Board’s office papers, are sustainably produced. SAGA greaseproof papers have been issued the Nordic Ecolabel, also known as the Swan label. It helps consumers choose an environmentally friendly way to prepare their food. Common criteria for environmental labels have not yet been developed for packaging products.