Resource efficiency

Efficiency is related to the continuity of operations. The smoother, the better.

Renewable energy – user and producer

Currently, 86% of Metsä Group’s operations are run with fossil free energy and in 2020 the share of renewable fuels was 90%. We produce renewable energy from many sources: logging waste, such as branches and treetops, sawdust and bark from sawmills, as well as waste generated in production. The energy self-sufficiency rate of our pulp mills is 140%, and they are among the largest producers of renewable energy in Finland. Metsä Group produces over 15% of the renewable energy in Finland.

Our investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency have helped us reduce our emissions significantly. Our fossil carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by 48% per product tonne since 2009.

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Resource efficiency is our way of working

Metsä Group uses every part of the tree 

We use every part of the tree – from the stump to the top

Metsä Group’s business areas cover the use and processing of wood from forest to final products. We use every part of the tree in the best possible way to create the most value. Our way of working is resource efficiency: we use raw materials, energy and water wisely and so that as little as possible will go to waste. Our resource-efficient way of working supports sustainable bioeconomy which enables circular economy.

An example of efficiency is water: its needed in practically all forest industry processes but Metsä Group’s mills operate in areas rich in water. Nearly all of the water that we use is surface water. We reuse water several times in our processes and carefully treat it before eventually returning to natural bodies of water. The amount of process water we use per tonne produced has decreased by 19% since 2010.

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