Erik Lajunen, Solution Designer

Erik Lajunen, who recently completed his master’s degree in engineering, carries out pioneering work to help management decision-making by allowing them to see important data.

“This job really carries a lot of responsibility. For example, it is my responsibility to decide whether a reporting task should be outsourced or completed in-house. It feels good to be trusted by my supervisors like this. On the other hand, I don’t need to tackle every challenge on my own. I’m surrounded by very professional team members, and I can discuss matters with them. It’s inspiring to work with professionals like them,” Erik says.

From summer jobs to responsible expert duties

Despite his young age, Erik has already had the opportunity to see Metsä from multiple perspectives. His career began as an industrial cleaner, after which he has accumulated experience from no less than six different jobs at Metsä! Before his present specialist duties, Erik worked in production and as a foreman at the plywood mill, among other things. A strong interest in learning and developing has propelled Erik forward. He now works as a solution designer in Metsä Group’s ICT team.

“My duties focus on management reporting, data warehousing and process analytics. Our team serves as a support pillar for management: we produce data-based reports to support their decision-making. As we cooperate a lot with different parties, good people skills and flexibility are essential. I handle a great deal of business-critical data, which means I must act responsibly and reliably to prevent confidential data ending up in the wrong hands,” Erik explains.

This job really carries a lot of responsibility. It feels good to be trusted by my supervisors like this

Erik is now enthusiastic about the opportunity to put what he learned during his studies into practice, develop operations, make independent decisions and assume responsibility. He also appreciates the support of his team – decisions do not always need to be made alone. He also receives support from the knowledgeable data analytics team, which is ready to help in every situation.

Meaningful, future-oriented work

Erik wants his work to be meaningful and his contribution to benefit as many people as possible.

“By producing reports to support management, I help them make important decisions. I find it motivating that my reports provide important data to decision-makers.”

Erik is confident that employees can build a long and diverse career at Metsä. What counts is your own attitude and motivation.

“I’m a living example of how Metsä rewards people for good work. My former supervisors have recommended me for new duties. I have a huge desire to learn more, and the great thing is that I learn something new every day in my current job. My duties, the excellent training opportunities and the encouragement I receive from my supervisors all push me forward. For example, my present supervisor has urged me to complete new certificates,” Erik says, beaming with joy.

I’m a living example of how Metsä rewards people for good work

According to Erik, the team spirit at Metsä is very harmonious. New employees receive an open and positive welcome, and it is easy to strike up a conversation in the coffee room.

“Metsä’s branch of industry is super relevant. We play a key role in fighting climate change and develop new solutions to benefit the environment, such as plastic-free products and wood products that store carbon. I believe we’re real forerunners in innovation. A responsible, innovative company is also an attractive employer, one that people want to work for,” says Erik.