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A strong value chain​​

Our business areas create a strong value chain where we use wood as efficiently as possible at every stage. This includes making use of by-products in production units and energy production. All of the products we manufacture are recyclable and can be used to produce energy at the end of their life cycles, among other purposes.

Metsä Forest

Reliable wood supply and excellent forest services

Wood supply and forest services

We are the market leader in wood and energy wood supply in Finland. We serve forest owners as well as industries that make use of wood.

Our core competences are reliable wood supply and increasing the value and profitability of forest assets. We provide our 104.000 owner-members with tailored wood trade services and forest and nature management services, both online and through forest specialists. In spring 2015, we became the first company in Finland to engage in online wood trade.

We promote sustainable forest management. We know the origin of the wood that we purchase, and we support the PEFC™ and FSC® forest certification systems. We supply high-quality roundwood and energy wood at competitive prices to the business areas of Metsä Group and to other customers. Most of the wood we purchase is from Finland, but we also actively procure wood from nearby areas.

Metsäliitto Cooperative’s FSC logo licence code is FSC-C014476.


Metsä Fibre

Top-quality pulp and competitiveness for customers

Pulp and sawn timber

We are a leading global producer of softwood pulp. We sell our products under the brand name Botnia.

We combine top-quality pulp with services and expertise that support customers’ competitiveness. We also sell high-quality market pulp made by other manufacturers. We make efficient use of raw materials and ensure that our mills are environmentally efficient and safe places to work.

The demand for softwood pulp is steadily growing across the world. It is highest in Asia, where we deliver around 25 per cent of the pulp we produce. We use Finnish resources, and most of the cash flow from our operations stays in Finland. We are a leader in the efficient production and use of bioenergy. We have built the next-generation bioproduct mill  in Äänekoski.

Metsä Wood

Wood products made with industrial efficiency

Wood products

We manufacture wood products for the needs of our construction, industrial and distribution customers.  We have a strong position in Europe and ambitious growth targets in Asia and the United States.

We focus on the industrial production and sale of high-quality wood products. Our most important products include northern sawn timber, plywood and Kerto® LVL. Our core strategy is to aim for industrial efficiency in all of our operations.
In terms of customer accounts, we emphasise commitment to key customers, reliability and high quality.

We use northern wood – the world’s best renewable raw material – that is always traceable to sustainably managed northern forests. Our production units are located in the middle of northern forests, which ensures that raw materials are always available.

Our wood products combine responsibility with strength, light weight and uniform quality. Northern wood also has excellent acoustic properties and minimal thermal expansion. We are continuously developing our production units to improve our efficiency, and we never compromise on quality, safety or environmental values.

Metsä Board

High-quality and lightweight paperboard


We are the leading European producer of folding boxboard and white fresh forest fibre linerboard.

We focus on high-quality lightweight paperboard that is made from fresh forest fibre and is safe to use. We generate strong cash flows and have a strong balance sheet. In terms of core business operations, we are one of the most profitable companies in our sector. Our key strengths include top-level productivity, a leading supply chain and a high self-sufficiency in pulp.

Global demand for paperboard will continue to grow strongly. We are growing our paperboard business globally. At the same time, we are systematically investing in our employees’ well-being and competence. Our restructuring into a paperboard company is nearly complete.

Metsä Tissue

Well-being and hygiene​ for daily life

Tissue and cooking papers

We are one of the leading suppliers of tissue paper products to households and professionals in Europe and the world’s leading supplier of cooking papers.

Our brands include Lambi, Serla, Mola, Tento, Katrin and SAGA. We operate close to our customers and focus on consumers and customers in developing our operations, products and services. We have a good understanding of customer needs and consumer trends, as well as effective sales and distribution channels.

The demand for tissue and cooking papers is increasing in all of our markets. We are the best growth partner for our customers and we lead the way in sustainability. We aim to improve the energy efficiency of our mills by 10 per cent by 2020.