According to Metsäliitto Cooperative's rules, Metsäliitto Cooperative has one auditor who shall be an auditing firm authorised by the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland. The representative council selects the auditor to review the accounts for the year underway, and their task ends at the closure of the next annual meeting of the Representative Council. The task of the auditors is to audit the financial statements and accounting of the Group and the parent company, and the administration of the parent company. The auditor provides a statutory auditor's report to the members of Metsäliitto Cooperative in connection with the annual financial statements and regularly reports on their observations to the Board of Directors and the management of Metsä Group.

In accordance with the resolution of the Representative Council meeting in the spring of 2017, Metsäliitto Cooperative’s auditor for 2017 is KPMG Oy Ab, firm of authorized public accountants, with Raija-Leena Hankonen, APA, as main responsible auditor.

In 2017, companies that belong to Metsä Group paid a total of EUR 1,114,000 in audit fees to KPMG in Finland and internationally (2016: EUR 1,119,000), and a total of EUR 112,000 to other auditing firm (2016: EUR 107,000). In addition, the KPMG chain was paid EUR 28,000 for services not related to the actual audit (2016: EUR 46,000), and other auditing firms were paid EUR 261,000 (2016: EUR 252,000).