Profitable growth

We maintain our competitiveness through innovation, cost-efficiency and high profitability.

​​​​​On a stable foundation

Financial performance is an absolute requirement for the continuous development of operations. We shoulder our responsibility for the environment, our partners and each other to ensure a successful business and forest economy. We maintain our competitiveness through innovation, cost-efficiency and high profitability. We invest in business functions with a good long-term growth outlook.

Metsä Group’s Financial Statements 2016 including the management report are published in English and Finnish as a pdf file on Metsä Group's website. The printed publications can be ordered via this form.

In 2018, Metsä Group will publish the following financial reports:

Interim report for January–March 2018: 3 May
Half year financial report for January–June 2018: 2 August
Interim report for January–September 2018: 8 November

Metsä Group’s Financial Statements 2017 including Board of Directors’ report, the Corporate Governance statement and the Remuneration statement will be published in English and Finnish on Metsä Group’s website at on week 9.

Key figures

Metsä Group                                                                2017​                               2016                                                     2015                  
​Sales, EUR million                                                                                   5.040                               ​4.658                                                             5,016 
​Operating result, excl. non-recurring items, EUR million         566                               ​439                                                             ​537​
​ROCE, %                                                                                                     12.6                                  ​10.2                                                             ​13.7

​ROCE, excl. non-recurring items                                                       12.3

                               ​10.2                                                             ​13.6
​ROE, %                                                                                                        14.5                               11.2​​                                                             15.9  
​ROE, excl. non-recurring items                                                          14.0                               ​11.0​​                                                             15.8
​Equity, %                                                                                                    45.0​                               43.9​​                                                             43.2 
​Net gearing, %                                                                                          34                               40                                                             ​25
​Interest-bearing net liabilities, EUR million                                    993                              1 033                                                             ​610
​Investments, EUR million                                                                     607.7​                              757.9                                                            ​​491.6
​Personnel at the end of the period, rolling average                    9.399                              ​​9.6​26​​                                                            10.117​​  

Financial reporting

Investing in Metsä Group

Investing in Metsä Group  

As its name suggests, Metsä Group’s parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is a cooperative owned by its members. After paying for their members’ capital shares, members may increase their holding by investing in Metsäliitto’s additional shares.