Profitable growth

We maintain our competitiveness through innovation, cost-efficiency and high profitability.

​​​​​On a stable foundation

Financial performance is an absolute requirement for the continuous development of operations. We shoulder our responsibility for the environment, our partners and each other to ensure a successful business and forest economy. We maintain our competitiveness through innovation, cost-efficiency and high profitability. We invest in business functions with a good long-term growth outlook.

Metsä Group’s Financial Statements 2017 including the management report are published in English and Finnish as a pdf file on Metsä Group's website. The printed publications can be ordered via this form.

In 2018, Metsä Group will publish the following financial reports:

Half year financial report for January–June 2018: 2 August
Interim report for January–September 2018: 8 November

Key figures

Metsä Group                                                                2017​                               2016                                                     2015                  
​Sales, EUR million                                                                                   5.040                               ​4.658                                                             5,016 
​Operating result, excl. non-recurring items, EUR million         566                               ​439                                                             ​537​
​ROCE, %                                                                                                     12.6                                  ​10.2                                                             ​13.7

​ROCE, excl. non-recurring items                                                       12.3

                               ​10.2                                                             ​13.6
​ROE, %                                                                                                        14.5                               11.2​​                                                             15.9  
​ROE, excl. non-recurring items                                                          14.0                               ​11.0​​                                                             15.8
​Equity, %                                                                                                    45.0​                               43.9​​                                                             43.2 
​Net gearing, %                                                                                          34                               40                                                             ​25
​Interest-bearing net liabilities, EUR million                                    993                              1 033                                                             ​610
​Investments, EUR million                                                                     607.7​                              757.9                                                            ​​491.6
​Personnel at the end of the period, rolling average                    9.399                              ​​9.6​26​​                                                            10.117​​  

Financial reporting

Investing in Metsä Group

Investing in Metsä Group  

As its name suggests, Metsä Group’s parent company Metsäliitto Cooperative is a cooperative owned by its members. After paying for their members’ capital shares, members may increase their holding by investing in Metsäliitto’s additional shares.